Year 2 Fire! Fire!

What a fabulous Great Fire of London History Day Year 2 children had on  Friday 23rd November! The children dressed up in amazing costumes from the era and enjoyed a variety of activities. They created silhouette art of the fire using a variety of materials. The children thoroughly enjoyed participating in a quiz that showed how much they have learned over this half term. They also learned two songs about the Fire of London, London’s Burning which they sang in rounds and The Great Fire of London which they learned the sign language for and greatly enjoyed! The day ended with   Highfield’s very own miniature Fire of London when some children volunteered to burn their Tudor houses.






Multi Skills in the Nursery

On Thursday, 15th November AM Nursery were very lucky to be able to participate in a multi-skills training session. The children were amazing and they all really enjoyed themselves. We have heard from many parents that their children have been talking about the activities at home. The trial session was so successful that both AM and PM Nursery classes are going to be having multi-skills training every Thursday during the Spring term, which we will all look forward to.

Elizabeth: “We went round the roundabout, running really fast.”

Charlie H: “I went through the cones.”

Laurie: “The coach told people what to do.”






Highfield do Pyjama Day!

On Friday 16th November Highfield raised money for Children in Need. We raised a magnificent total of £1964.00, which is the highest record yet! Thank you incredibly for your generous donations throughout the week for wristbands and badges, donations to dress up, sponsored spellings as well as our annual magnificent cake morning arranged by the Friends of Highfield. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day in their comfy pyjamas and reflected on the less advantaged lives of other children and young adults in the UK.








Year 3 British Museum

On Friday 16th November Year 3 visited the British Museum and had a fantastic time! We have been studying Ancient Egypt this term and had the opportunity to see replica artefacts and photographs that we have been using in the  classroom, come to life. We saw the Rosetta Stone, death masks and enormous statues. We particularly enjoyed      studying the mummified animals and sarcophagi. The highlight of the day was seeing Ginger, the mummified body of a man dated 3400 BC. We worked hard too, and went on a symbol hunt, examining wall paintings and sculptures for ankhs, scarabs and various gods. We also identified different animals that Ancient Egyptians used in their artwork. We came home tired but having learnt a great deal more about Ancient Egypt. Robyn – “I got to see lots of things from Ancient Egypt and I really enjoyed the mummies!”

Idling Action!

On Monday 19th November we were so lucky to have Jamie from Green Gumption come to visit our school. He gave an assembly to the KS1 children, telling them all about the effects of air pollution and how they can have a positive effect on this issue. It was fantastic to see so many children already walking, cycling and scooting to school. This helps to  reduce the amount of air pollution outside our school gates and makes for a healthier environment. He also talked about the harmful effects of leaving cars engines running whilst dropping off and collecting at the beginning and end of the school day. Jamie then worked with some fantastic parent volunteers and they went out at the end of the school day to speak to other parents/ carers about this issue. Thank you to all those involved in this exciting event!






This term, Year 3 have been taking part in iGospel workshops. IGospel is a team of professional singers and musicians who work in many schools to bring gospel music alive. 3L, 3CA and 3I are learning to sing a range of songs, including some that reflect our school’s values of Cooperation, Kindness and Respect. The children are working with David Leval to improve rhythm, tone and pitch and are greatly enjoying the sessions. Some of the children have also had the opportunity to take on solo parts! The children can’t wait to perform to the school at the end of term!

Cross Country Competition

On Friday 28th September Highfield took part in the Enfield Borough Cross country competition in Forty Hall. This was the first time Highfield had entered the event competing against twenty-four other schools. It was a beautiful day and our team consisting of Martyna, Carmen, Laura, Victor, Rayan, Stefan, Michael and Avin ran around the tough 1.2mile course. The whole team achieved an amazing 12th place, with Victor finishing in 3rd place in the boys’ race (out of over 100 boys). Well done Highfield’s cross-country team and a big thank you to Mrs Redondo for her help and expertise.

Year 5 Shakespeare Workshop

This afternoon, we were visited by an actor and educator from the Young Shakespeare Company. Under his direction, we told the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. One by one, he introduced us to a complex cast of characters: There were illicit lovers and jealous suitors; a proud fairy king and his haughty fairy queen; a band of simple workmen and a group of mischievous imps. At key turning points, we stopped to discuss their thoughts and feelings, actions and motives. We tested our skills of prediction and inference and learned lines of Shakespearean English. Using our voices, we mimicked the sounds of owls and wolves, and the school hall was transformed into a forest at night. It was an immersive experience and an enchanting introduction to one of Shakespeare’s most famous comic plays. We are all looking forward to watching it performed at the Millfield Theatre.





Black History Month at Highfield

During Black History Month, the children have been learning about inspirational black women that have made a difference throughout history with their lasting legacy. Each year group were given key individuals to focus on during this month, as they researched and learnt all about their lives and actions for change. Some of the inspirational women that were covered include; Raven Wilkinson (Ballerina), Lorna Simpson (Photographer), Mahalia Jackson (Gospel singer), Althea Gibson (Tennis champion), Phyllis Wheatley (Poet) and Katherine Johnson (NASA mathematician). Across the school there was a wonderful range of activities going on, including film making, creating fact files and appreciating the work of musicians, all celebrating the achievements of these women. Black History Month at Highfield has allowed the children to explore how and why these inspiring black women have changed the world we live in today and how they can help to shape their own futures.