October 2021:

Highfield Heroes Day 

Highfield heroes day shines light on those in our local and wider community, who go above and beyond for those in need. The day was spent celebrating the various heroes that have made a      difference in society. 

Our children and staff chose to dress up as frontline workers, unsung heroes,  inspirational figures (both past and present) and superheroes.   

Highfield children were also on a mission to start completing their community action plan. With some classes writing letters to care home residents, recycling paper, collecting food for local food banks around the school and planting butterfly friendly buddleia seeds around the school grounds. 

We hope this inspires our children to use their voice to bring about change and take an active role in the community. 

Adem (Year 6) – “I chose to be Mustafa Kemal, the first elected Turkish president. He introduced the current 29 letter Turkish alphabet”  

Tilly (Year 1) – “I am Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman astronaut to go to space”

Zeynep (Year 5) – “Today, I have come as a vet. They help animals and educate the owners on how to take care of their pets” 





On Tuesday 12th October, Highfield Primary School was visited by 02’s Everyday heroes award winner, Emma Rigby. The Enfield-based business owner founded ‘Love Your Doorstep’ and used her platform to bring together over 600 volunteers to deliver medication and over 60,000 meals to those in need. Emma shared her story with the Year 4 children and the importance of working together to build a deepened sense of community spirit and belonging. Highfield children were truly inspired by the local hero and as part of their class community action plan, they are on a mission to collect enough food to share amongst their chosen foodbanks and charities.






Year 4 Charity Donations

Year 4 donated numerous items of long-life food to members of the Winchmore Hill community.  Inspired by our visit from Emma Rigby, founder of Love Your Doorstep, we gathered a range of  goods that we could give back to others. Some children from Year 4 went with Miss McGrath and Mrs Giarnese to donate some of the goods,  we went to the North London Hospice and Anastasia Lodge. The staff at Anastasia Lodge were very thankful and said that their residents appreciated us thinking of them and donating so much food to them. Also the North London Hospice staff were amazed at all the food we had donated and told us that it would be perfect for their patients to cheer them up.

A massive well done to Year 4 for donating so many items of food,  the local  community of Winchmore Hill and all your teachers are extremely proud of you!




September 2021:

Solar Car Event with Durham University and Winchmore Secondary School

On Tuesday 28th September 2021 as part of our whole school topic of ‘Movers and Shakers’, Y6 pupils were invited to view Durham University’s Solar Car! This was an excellent opportunity for our pupils to learn about sustainable cars and how this can be used in the future. The car has been travelling around the country and most recently, it has gone around the Top Gear test track! As part of this event, the Durham team completed an immersive lesson with each Y6 class on aerodynamics and sustainability. The children built different shaped paper aeroplanes to see which one would go the furthest, the children were able to work on their ‘Working Scientifically’ skills during this activity.   Highfield pupils had a fantastic time learning about how STEM can be incorporated into everyday life.

Harris (6C) – ‘I was really surprised that even though it only had 1 horsepower, it could go to 60 mph!’ 

Robin (6P) – ‘I really liked the solar car workshop because I found it interesting learning all about drag, and I also loved seeing the car.’

Quotes from Durham University team:

“The year 6 class were really responsive to our questions and seemed able to grasp the concepts presented in the presentation easily. They had 1 super genius who answered questions on different sustainable energy sources better than some year 11s!”

“Actually just lovely. No other words. Me and Catherine’s class were so engaged, asked questions even y11s wouldn’t have thought of, and were so inquisitive! Rotation to help other classes when our class left hopefully gave some more input to people where possible”

“The kids were a lot of fun to have at the car. They seemed to love all of our demonstrations of how on Earth a human can fit in! Some of the best mannered students as well with very curious and engaging conversation after!”

“Students at Highfields were really engaged and enthusiastic. Some amazing questions, including some that really made us think!”









Movers and Shakers

Are you an explorer like Hillary Edmond? Artist like Chris Ofili? Scientist like Mary Anning? Activist like Greta Thunberg? Well at Highfield, we believe all our children aspire to bring about change in our local and wider community. The names mentioned above are a few significant figures that we will be focusing on during our whole school topic ‘Movers and Shakers’. These trailblazers discovered  unknown lands, fought for equality and change and paved the way for others. We hope through this topic, it will inspire our children to use their voice and make a difference in the world.






Robin Arrows Archery lessons

At the beginning of September, the whole school was treated to archery lessons.  Darren Hill from Robin Arrows taught all the children from Year 1 to Year 6 how to load aim and fire.  Throughout each session the children got closer and closer to the bull’s eye.  As their skills improved Darren introduced fun games and competitions.  It was a brilliant start to the term.  Here are a few of the children’s comments.

“It was so much fun and I liked launching the arrow.” Kit 1B

“I like pulling the bow backwards and forwards, I got it in the yellow spot.” Daris 1B

“I loved the part at the end when we started saying ‘Archers ready!’ and the coach shouted ‘Archers fire!’” Yasin 4M

“I loved learning archery at school, when I went home I asked my mum for an archery set for       Christmas.”  Angel 5C

“I really enjoyed the archery challenge game. It was so much fun and I learnt lots of new skills.”   Satya 5C

“I really enjoyed how the teacher taught us different techniques and methods used in archery.” Max 6P