Quad Kids

On Wednesday 14th July, Highfield’s Year 5 athletics team took part in an Enfield Borough Quad Kids competition at the Queen Elizabeth II Stadium. There were four events: 75 m sprint, 600m distance run, vortex throw and standing long jump.  The children took part in their bubble rotating through the activities with other Enfield schools. It was a fantastic morning; the weather was perfect and the children all improved on their personal best scores. Well done Y5 athletics team.


Marvellous Movies

This term our whole school topic has been Marvellous Movies! Each year group at Highfield learnt a song in sign language from a musical and recorded their performances. The films ranged from classic musicals such as ‘Singin in the Rain’ to modern animations such as ‘Toy Story’! Each class also performed ‘We’re All in this Together’ from ‘High School Musical’; a great song to promote our school motto, ‘Together We Can Achieve More’!

Well done, Highfield! 

Miss Sutton

Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2
Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6


Highfield in the Snow

Imagine arriving at a Winter Wonderland instead of a school.  In February 2021, blankets of snow covered Highfield and turned it into another world.  Can you recognise where these pictures were taken?  

In between our busy schedule we managed to squeeze in some fun in the snow.  Brrr…  We got very cold and wet, but we had good fun.

Highfield Signs

This term, to celebrate the festive season, each Key Stage learnt a Christmassy song in sign language! Their lovely songs were filmed and the videos were shared with the school. Well done, everyone, for your amazing performances!

Have a look at the wonderful videos below!


KS1 –

KS2 –


Supporting your child with their fears and worries workshop Poster – click here

Marvellous Musicians!

Huge congratulations to Ilya and Robyn in Year 4 who both reached the final of the Enfield Music Service Piano Competition!

This year, the competition was unable to go ahead in the normal way, so the children were asked to film and submit a performance of a piece of their choice. Ivana Gavric, a famous pianist, judged all of the entrants and both Ilya and Robyn were among the few finalists and won a masterclass with Ivana!

The final was then held over Google Meet on July 14th and both Ilya and Robyn were highly commended and received fantastic feedback about their performances – well done to you both!

Miss Sutton, Music Coordinator



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UCL GeoBus Space Workshop – STEM Activity

On Wednesday 18th December Years 1 and 2 were very lucky to be visited by Dr Amy and Esme from the Earth Sciences Department at UCL for workshops about Space.

The sessions started with the children explaining their existing knowledge about Space. We then looked at the order of the planets and saw how the planets differed in size.

The children were then able to handle a range of real meteorites and were encouraged to use their senses to describe them.

“It smells like metal.” – Joseph

“It’s silvery and very shiny.” – Holly

“It’s so heavy!” – Sonny

“It has a pattern.” – Rheo

We were then shown some pictures and talked about how some meteorites are very fragile and are handled using gloves to protect them.

After we used 3D glasses to look at pictures of the surface of Mars and identified different features such as craters, dunes and possible rivers.

“It’s like we’re scientists.” – Alicia

“The 3D glasses make the pictures look real, it’s like we’re really on Mars!” – Aiden

“I liked the 3D glasses.” – Abdi

“I liked talking about Space.” – Martyna

The children were able to get their questions answered including

“Why is Pluto a dwarf planet?” and “Why is Mercury not a dwarf planet when it’s the same size as our moon?”.

We would like to say a big thank you to Dr Amy and Esme for delivering this fantastic hands on experience.








Geography in Year 6

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a special visitor from the ‘Thames Explorer Trust’’, who wanted to educated us about Rivers and the River Thames.

During his visit, we looked at aerial and satellite photos of the source and mouth of the River Thames and watched a fascinating time lapse video of the tide moving in and out.

We also became captain of the Knock Nevis oil tanker (the size of 54 London buses) and planned short and safe routes from Mauritius, Japan and Jamaica to the United Kingdom.  Can we really survive without rivers? If you want to know the answer, just ask any Year 6 child!







Firs Farm Wetlands Trip

Reception really enjoyed their trip to Firs Farm Wetlands at the end of October. It was their first trip out of school and they were extremely excited. We have been learning about Autumn and whilst we were at the Wetlands we collected autumnal objects to explore further once we got back to school. We also collected sticks linking to our core text ‘Stanley’s Stick’, that we are going to use to support us in our writing.  Whilst at the Wetlands we also got to do other activities such as feeding the ducks and taking a woodland walk to see what wildlife we could find. The children had a lovely time and we would like to thank the parents that volunteered their time to come with us-without whom these trips would not be possible.







Tapestry Meeting 28th November 2019

Mrs Halil-Docherty and Mrs Morton led a meeting where a small group of 14 parents attended across Nursery and  Reception.  We discussed how to access Tapestry and reiterated the expectations. We also had a chance to look at a child’s Tapestry Profile and see how parents can comment and upload photographs, videos, voice recordings but also how to add comments to the observations.

Parents feedback –

“It involves the whole family”

“We are excited parents waiting for the next upload from the teachers”

 “It’s a really important application and great job!”

“I like it! It is important for parents to see what our children are doing in school”

“Our children can talk about their learning by looking online!”

“It is lovely seeing our children in the school environment”

“We can see the different parts of their personality from home to at school”

“Great way to communicate with home and school”

“I like seeing my child’s development”

“Thank you so much to the EYFS team!”

Thank you to all the parents that attended and thank you for all of your lovely comments.

Rocksteady Assemblies

On Monday 11th November, Highfield was treated to a rocking afternoon! Tommy from Rocksteady introduced the children to some instruments that make up a rock band; electric guitar, electric drums, keyboard and vocals. He taught us about how the instruments are played and what they sounded like and showed us how to rock out! It was an amazing afternoon and the children all left the hall envisaging their future rock careers…

Cosmin (5P) said “The Rocksteady assembly was very exciting because we had go sing at the top of our voices. Also it was very fun because we got to see how a rock band is made with all the different instruments.”

Lexi (4C) said ‘The best assembly ever because we could sing and be loud.’

Mohammed (5B) was singing his heart out and said “It was awesome, I loved singing the songs and want to play rock guitar!”

Zilan (2S) said “It was so loud but I loved hearing the different instruments and joining in







Breakfast and after school club provision

With the school expansion there has been a significant increase in the number of families wanting before school and after school provision. Unlike other schools who expanded from being a 2 to a 3 form entry there was no expansion of our hall and, other than the new build, there was no expansion of our facilities. This has made extending before/after school provision very difficult. The hall and the blue cabin are used every evening, and some mornings, for  extra-curricular activities and I do not want to stop that provision. I also do not believe classrooms should be used as this will impact teachers’ planning and preparation for lessons which would affect the quality of education that we provide.

However, we understand the difficulties parents face and do want to support our families where possible, so we have extended the after school provision to one of our intervention rooms which is well situated, near the front office. This is unlikely to fully meet the demand we have for places but I do not believe we can extend provision further without having an impact on children’s’ learning and opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities.

Recycling Bins – Thank You Friends of Highfield!

Over recent years parents (and children!) have shown a keen interest in making our school more eco-friendly. As a  result of this, not only are we now recycling classroom resources, e.g. whiteboard pens, we are now going to have the facilities to recycle both paper and plastic in our playground. We are very grateful that the Friends of Highfield have so kindly ordered six new bins for our playground to support us in achieving a more eco– friendly school environment. These we feel are a great idea and a positive step towards becoming more eco-friendly, something we know many people feel so passionate about—Thank you Friends of Highfield!

Pre-loved School Uniform Sale

This term the children have been learning about the importance of reducing waste, re-using items and recycling and will be taking part in a ‘Trashion Show’ on 27th September.

Please donate any good condition, clean school uniform, winter coats and school shoes to our first pre-loved school uniform sale. Please hand items to class teachers in the week beginning 30th September. The clothing sale will take place in the main hall from 3:20 – 5:00 on Tuesday 15th October.

Items will be priced as follows:

Winter coats £3

School shoes £3

Other uniform items £1 each.

Trashion Show

This term the children in Y1-Y6 have all been reinvigorating existing clothing in creative ways and designing and making their own clothing using recycled       materials. 

On Friday 27th September each class had the opportunity to explain what they had made and why, before parading down the ‘catwalk’ at Highfield’s Trashion Show.

It was a lovely opportunity to share and celebrate each other’s work across the school and the children really enjoyed modelling their designs. Reducing waste, re-using and recycling products can be a lot of fun!

Welcome Reception!

Well done to our new Reception children for settling so well! We have really enjoyed meeting our new children and their families at both the home visits and stay and play sessions. The children have begun to form relationships with each other and we are looking forward to the children all coming together as a class next week!

Now that the children are all in we would really appreciate a £7 donation for this terms cooking and sensory play. Also we would really appreciate it if you could all donate a box of tissues each term as we get through lots in Reception. Thank-you for all your support!

Year 2 Diwali Assembly and Day

This term, Year 2 have been learning about Diwali! We had an amazing Diwali day where we made Ranagoli patterns, Diva lamp holders and puppets of Rama and Sita. It was so fun!

On Monday 14th October, Year 2 performed a Diwali assembly where they retold the story of Rama and Sita and used this important story to reflect on the importance of friendship. The children were amazing and impressed their  audience with their brilliant narrating, acting and singing. Well done, Year 2!

Class Community Action Plans

This term each class has developed their own Community Action Plan. The children were asked to identify an area that could be improved, think about how they could bring about change and how this would help the Highfield community. They then had to consider how they could carry out their action and any resources/costs involved, before submitting their plans to the Headteacher for approval.

The children have come up with some really thoughtful and creative ideas including: setting up book donation schemes, running their own activities at lunch times, growing their own vegetables for snack time, ways to encourage everyone not to use single use plastic water bottles or bags on school trips,  giving up their Golden Time to teach younger children how to read, writing letters and postcards to those in the elderly community and sending Christmas cards to show our appreciation and respect to those who help in the wider community such as the police, fire station and hospital.

We look forward to seeing their plans in action and the difference that they make:

 ‘Together we can achieve more.’


University of Hertfordshire Assembly

On Friday 5th July Year 4 and 6 were very lucky to be visited by Nick and Astrophysics Masters student, Daryl from the University of Hertfordshire for an assembly about University. Nick told the children all about the University of Hertfordshire and we learnt that there are over 50,000 subjects to choose from. Nick explained that this meant that the children could chose to study a subject that they were really passionate. Daryl then told the children all about what he studies. He introduced the children to the Bayfordbury Observatory and amazed us with the fact that ‘approximately 10% of all known planets were discovered by University of Hertfordshire astronomers’.

After a mini graduation, the children were then able to have their questions answered including:

‘Can you study a sport?’

‘Is Architecture a subject?’

‘What do you need to study to become a physicist?’

‘How many years do you have to go to University to become a lawyer?’

As the children left the hall one child told our visitors ‘I want to come to your University!’

We would like to say a big thank you to Nick and Daryl for giving up their time and helping to further our children’s aspirations for the future.

Reception Children Flo with Ro

On Wednesday the 3rd and 10th July all of Reception were very lucky to be visited by RJ’s Parent Rep and qualified dance teacher Rhona for a mini-movers session. The children used a variety of props Rhona provided including hoops, beanbags and ribbons to improve their balance, coordination, spatial awareness and teamwork skills through participatory songs and dance.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Rhona for volunteering her time and skills. The children loved it! You can check out Rhona’s website at

‘I liked when we were tapping the sticks and we were tapping the sticks on the floor’- Rafael (RJ)

‘I liked the Jack in the Box bit because we jumped up and down.’ – Stella (RJ)

‘I was being a jumping bean’ – Isla (RH)

‘The hula hooping was fun’ – Gabriella (RH)

‘It was really good’ – Joseph (RF)

‘It was amazing and I loved it when we did the skipping with the ribbons’ – Faris (RF)





Royal National Lifeboat Institution Talk

Nursery, Reception and KS2 were lucky enough to have Bob Brooker from the RNLI come to visit us at Highfield on Thursday 11th July. Bob gave all the children a very interesting talk about staying safe around water and what the RNLI does. The children were really intrigued to watch videos of real life rescues and asked some really thoughtful questions. They also got the opportunity to take part in an activity all about the meaning of the different flags used on the beach. Bob has kindly given each child who was involved in one of the talks a ‘RNLI Water Safety Booklet’ which can be used over the summer to help remind each child how to keep safe around water.


Nine children future scientists from Year 5 children were chosen to represent Highfield Primary School at the annual Science competition at Edmonton County Secondary School and won the first place award for the second year in a row! Aisha, Tobias, Rizan, Khloe, Jude, Hayrunisa, Irini, Ciwan and Tom presented their investigation about the vitamin C level in different juices. Whilst our children had tough competition, the panel of judges (who included the Head of Science Department and a top Physicist)  explained how our Year Five children stood out from the other six schools due to their creative performance and how they presented their findings with passion and enthusiasm.They were also impressed how they memorised all their methods, strategies and results words with no reference sheet in front of them and even included the history of scurvy. They even commented on how the children confidently used scientific vocabulary and evaluated the facts they had received from their investigation. It was a proud moment for Miss Brown, who had seen these children work tirelessly during their lunchtime in preparation for this competition and inevitably, their hard work paid off-well done!








Nystagmus Awareness Day

Thank you for all your support with Jet’s (class 2S) cake sale on Nystagmus Awareness Day which was on 20th June.

The school community really got behind it to help raise £206.75 on the day. Along with some other donations that has been received since,  the total from the event now stands at £240.75. We are delighted!  Thank you so much.

Jet (class 2S) and his family








Young Carers in Enfield 

On Tuesday 25th June 2019, Gino and Shelby from EPIC (Enfield Young People in Caring) visited our school. They took assemblies in KS1 and KS2, highlighting young carers in Enfield. Did you know there are over 500 young carers in Enfield alone? EPIC is a registered charity that offers advice, support, social opportunities and skills workshops for young carers. They give a listening ear to Young Carers and Young Adult Carers and support them. They provide assistance to access help from other organisations and service providers and they also empower Young Carers and Young Adult Carers to get their point across and be heard. The charity gives opportunities for young carers to meet other Young Carers, make new friends, learn new skills and have fun through workshops, days out, respite activities and training opportunities.

The assemblies were very informative and gave children the opportunities to ask many questions.

A child from KS1 said, “I liked the quiz and the carers do lots of nice activities with EPIC!”

Highfield Hosts Geodesic Dome Day

Future civil engineers gathered from around the borough to engage in the highly anticipated Dome building event. Twelve schools visited Highfield on Tuesday 25thJune, ready to learn about STEM, identify different STEM occupations and to work collaboratively with others to engineer a product.

This fun-filled day was a construction based activity involving Year five children, who needed to construct two geodesic domes. Each dome is 1.5 metres in radius and was assembled using cable ties, plastic piping and round plastic hubs. Students were integrated with children from opposing schools with the aim of developing the children’s skills in areas such as teamwork, engineering, critical thinking, logic, spatial awareness and problem solving.

“Well Done to Harrajan and Marli for working cooperatively with others”! 

Harrajan (5M) “I had so much fun building massive domes bigger than us. I am also happy that I got to make new friends from different schools.”







Maths Day

On Friday 14th June Highfield Primary took part in a whole school Maths Day. The aim was to bring maths into the spotlight and develop children’s enjoyment for the subject. Throughout the day, the school was abuzz with excited chatter as children worked collaboratively to solve complex challenges. Despite the intermittent rain, classes navigated the field and playground to find number cards and worded clues that would help them solve a range of problems. Down in EYFS, children were exploring number sequences using milk bottles and up in year 6, children were using their algebra skills to find the nth term. The day both consolidated and extended children’s problems solving skills and a fun time was had by all.








RH Visit to Winchmore School

Today RH visited Winchmore Secondary School. The children were able to look around the A-level and GCSE art exhibition. The work was of such a high quality and the children were very impressed. They also learnt that it was where Mrs Hitchens had done her art GCSE and A-level. The children particularly enjoyed seeing the more colourful works of art and were fascinated by the work inspired by animals-they were very realistic! We also found all the different materials that had been used interesting and have been inspired to try some new ideas out! We wish the  students at Winchmore good luck in their results!

“I want to be like these children when I’m bigger” Lovelle

“I liked the field collage because there was a view of a city” Evie

“I liked the pretty shoes because they looked sparkly” Liat

“I liked the Chinese clocks because they were hanging” Lawrence








Colour Me In

Highfield Primary School, along with other schools in the borough, have been fortunate enough to participate in a collaborative art project organised by Colour Me In Art School. This project celebrates the community of Enfield. Every child in the school was asked to colour in a bank note which included what they value about Enfield. These bank notes were then put together to create a sculpture of an ATM celebrating the fact that Enfield was the first place in the UK to get an ATM. Their work will be displayed at the Dugdale Centre in an art exhibition from 30th June to 6th July.







RH Library visit

RH recently visited Winchmore Hill library. They learnt what a library is and how they can join. RH were given a special class library card and everyone was able to choose a book to borrow and bring back to school to enjoy. The staff at the library read 2 books to the class and showed the class how the children’s section is set up. As May is National Share a Story month, one of the stories they shared with us was one of our favourites! ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, we were able to join in with some of the words and even added in actions. RH were wonderfully behaved and are really looking forward to their next trip to the library next half term! Thank-you to our brilliant parent volunteers, without whom trips like this would not be possible. 

“I liked when we did the actions” Solomon

“I asked the lady to help me find a book about the world, she showed me the non-fiction books” Finn

“I go to the library with my mum and dad” Bella

Year 5 Trip to the University of Hertfordshire

On Friday 26th April all our Year 5 children were very lucky to visit the University of Hertfordshire. For many, their horizons were widened after an inspiring  explanation of how our educational journeys can lead to University. The  children were told what University life entails and had many questions  including “Do they eat in restaurants?”- Maleeka and “How many subjects can you study?”- Giada.

The children were astounded that the broad curriculum we study now could be whittled down to the study of one  specialist subject at University. All the children were given the opportunity to listen to an astronomer who talked through his favourite stars and galaxies and introduced them to newly born planets captured on camera. The star attraction of this session was the inflatable planetarium, where the children examined the surface of the sun, admired the orbit of planets in our solar system and explored the possibility of life beyond Earth. This session echoed the year group’s current Science topic “Earth & Space”. After visiting the planetarium, each class attended an interactive session led by the staff and students at the University.

5B explored ‘Engineering and Computer Science’ where they were able to interact with the University’s robots and experience how computers are being used in the classroom. They had a go on the 3D printer and discovered what engineering involves. Finally, the children were allowed to try the University’s cutting edge Formula One race car simulator which is normally used to train F1 teams.

5D visited the University’s state of the art Health Research Building where they investigated ‘Health Research’ and learnt what being a paramedic is all about. The children met with trained paramedics, used an ECG machine and were shown the various medical kits on board an ambulance. The children were also given a demonstration on the use of defibrillators and were allowed to practise CPR on an electronic dummy.

5M took part in a ‘Creative Arts’ workshop, centred around architecture. Their challenge was to design and build a collage of a playhouse. After being exposed to a wealth of resources, their imaginations ran wild and the final projects were a sight to behold! 

At the start of the visit, each child was given their own University of Hertfordshire lanyard to wear which they were allowed to take home and keep as a memento of the trip. The children also got to experience a mock graduation ceremony! Thank you to all the staff who accompanied the children on the trip and to the staff and students at the University of Hertfordshire who, with this invaluable experience, have further promoted STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) and helped encouraged our children to aspire to attend University in the future and follow their own particular dreams.








Rt.Hon.Damian Hinds MP Secretary of state for Education Tweet:













Visit from the Secretary of State for Education

Today the Rt. Hon. Damian Hinds MP Secretary of State for Education visited Highfield Primary School. He asked to come and see the outstanding provision here and spent time with pupils and staff. 

Learning about ‘What The Ladybird Heard’ – Reception class

Sensory activities – Dali Class

Discussing how our values extend into our daily learning 

Discussing today’s Maths lesson – Key Stage 2

Year 6 Gang Workshop

On Wednesday 24th April, Year 6 took part in a Weapons/Gangs Awareness Workshops- Making the right Choices. This was run by the Edmonton Schools Together Collective and in partnership with the local Police.  These workshops have been running for year six pupils in Primary schools for over five years with great success. We believe early education is key to prevention in this area.  The “Gangs – Making the Right choices” workshop is designed to educate and equip our young people, to avoid the risk of being caught up in violent crime/gangs.

The workshop was interactive and very informative. One Year 6 children said, “I have learnt never to join a gang and not to get involved in any bad things; it really inspired me to get a good qualification”

Another said, “The workshop was fun and we had to make choices. It gave me lots of information and I have learnt about the law. I want to get a good job and work hard.”

Miss Stoughton said, “We really felt that the whole morning was very successful and that our children, have been led to think about the choices they have ahead of them.”

2D Assembly

As part of learning in Science, 2D learned all about food groups and what a balanced diet is. 2D have extremely enjoyed rehearsing and performing our class assembly about healthy eating! They told the audience the different food types and how important they are for our health and wellbeing. 2D then shared their favourite fruit and vegetables and enjoyed singing two fantastic healthy eating songs! 

“My favourite part of the assembly was singing the food groups song!” said Ziven

 “I remembered when to stand up and all the actions for the songs!” said Aarya.

What an amazing assembly it was! Well done 2D!


Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are going to play a key part in the jobs of the future we are trying to prepare our young people for. At Highfield Primary School, we not only embrace the importance of those subjects but choose to celebrate them all during STEM Week. As part of our Active Planets topic, our focus was on the raging rivers and each class was expected to engineer a product to support victims in our school relief centre. Some of the fantastic products showcased at the STEM fair:

Nursery- Building and Constructing using Lego

Reception- Home-made crumble

Year 1- Capes for relief workers

Year 2- Relief buggies

Year 3- Protective sunglasses

Year 4- Tooth paste for victims of the disasters.

Year 5- Food parachutes

Year 6- Periscopes for the military.  

The whole school enjoyed a range of STEM activities this week. By creating a stimulating environment for our children to explore STEM, we aim to build their confidence, realise their potential and have a lot of fun along the way. Many teachers agree that they have future computer engineers, inventors and mathematicians blossoming in their classrooms. ​






Reception Trip to the Gruffalo Trail

Reception had a wonderful day at the Gruffalo trail. As well as meeting all the characters from the story the children were involved in many activities throughout the day. These included building habitats for the characters, flying like owls, pretending to be the Gruffalo and collecting their own claws, creating pictures of the characters from natural materials, doing the Gruffalo hokey cokey, climbing and balancing on logs and even walking up trees backwards! We had fantastic rangers who helped bring the story alive for the children. The Reception team and the rangers were so impressed with the children’s behaviour, knowledge of the story and their understanding of the world around them.  We would like to thank our parent volunteers, without whom the day would not have been possible.


“I liked when I climbed up the fox.” Sefa RF

“I liked it when I balanced on the tree.” Emma RF

“I liked it when we played hide and seek in the woods.” Angela RH

“I liked it when we were going to see the snake in his log pile house.” Sam RH

“My favourite part was the Gruffalo-kokey because I liked the song.” Stella RJ

“I liked it when we were climbing like a squirrel and I liked the bus too.” Raffy R






Phonics Workshop for Reception Parents

On Tuesday 19th March the reception parents were invited to the second Practical Phonics Workshop.  This workshop was planned following the evaluations from the parents after the 1st Phonics workshop (26.2.19). 

Aim of the workshop, ‘give an insight of how phonics is taught in a fun and practical way that will give parents/carers ideas on how to support their children with phonics at home within Phase 4 and Phase 5’. 

Mrs Halil-Docherty and Miss Johnson got parents involved by joining in with mini lessons.  It was great to have a group of willing parents to join in and have a go…living in the life of their child.  Parents were able to take away the games/activities used in the session- hope you all have fun with them!

Thank you to all the parents that attended and for the positive feedback. 

Comments from the parents/carers with regards to the 2nd phonics workshop

Workshop– “Better knowledge and understanding of phonics and how to teach it”

                                                  “It helped us to learn how our children are taught”

                                        “It was good to view the session from our children’s perspective”

             Other comments: “More sessions to keep us updated!”

                                                            “Well presented!”






Author Visits:

Teresa Heapy

On Tuesday 5th March the author Teresa Heapy visited the school. She worked with Y2, inspiring them to create their own characters for their stories. She then read her book ‘Very little Red Riding Hood’ to Reception and Year 1 children and spoke to them about how she came up with the ideas for her stories. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was great for them to see how they could be inspired in their story writing.

Neil Arksey

On Monday 4st March the author Neil Arksey visited the school. He worked with Year 4 talking with them about the ideas that inspired him as a writer, asking them to come up with their own. He also did an assembly to Year 3 and told them about his difficulties with writing, and in particular spelling when he was at school. His story showed the children that if you have the right attitude you can overcome problems and be successful.

Alan Durant

On Friday 8th March the Author Alan Durant came to Highfield. He worked with Y5 and 6. He read extracts from his books and explained why he had become an author and what inspires him. He also gave the children advice on how to come up with ideas. ‘Always carry a notebook with you because you never know when an idea might pop into your head.’

Over the past few weeks all children have had a visit from a published author. These visits show children what it is  possible to create as well as motivating and inspiring them in their writing. Thank you to all those parents who contributed £3. Without your contribution the school would not be able to fund such great experiences for your  children.





Year 2’s Trip to the Science Museum

On Friday 8th March Year 2 had an amazing day travelling into Central London on the train to visit the Science Museum. The children all took part in a brilliant interactive space session where they were given the chance to travel to space and solve problems that they encountered on the Space Station including what to make a space suit out of. The children were fascinated and also disgusted to learn about how astronauts purify their urine! The children also had the opportunity to find out more about past space missions and view parts of real rockets which inspired lots of the children and sparked lots of questions. The children had a fantastic day and represented our school brilliantly.






‘Stranger Danger and Personal Safety’

PC Louise came to visit Years 2-4 on Monday 11th March to talk about how to stay safe and what a stranger is. The children learnt about ‘safe strangers’ who wear a uniform such as police officers, paramedics and security guards in shops who are here to help us. PC Louise also spoke about what strangers may ask you and what personal information should be kept to yourself. In addition, the children identified with different ways of staying safe on the roads. E.g. the green cross code and wearing a secure helmet if riding a bicycle.

‘We shouldn’t talk to strangers because we don’t know who they are.’  Aidan – 2S

‘The police officer spoke to us about how to stay safe online and not talk to strangers.’ – Andre – 4MC






Phonics Workshop

On Tuesday 26th February the reception parents were invited to a Practical Phonics Workshop.  This workshop was planned following the evaluations from the parents after the initial Phonics meeting on 12th February.

Aim of the workshop, ‘give an insight of how phonics is taught in a fun and practical way that will give parents/carers ideas on how to support their children with phonics at home’.  Mrs Halil-Docherty and Miss Johnson got parents  involved by joining in with mini Phase 2 and Phase 3 lessons.  It was great to see such a good turn out and to receive the positive feedback.  Thank you to you all.

Comments from the parents/carers with regards to the phonics meeting and following workshop:

  • “I have a greater understanding of the different stages of phonics”
  • “Liked the examples given”
  • “I liked the ideas on the different ways to make writing fun”
  • “Organised, interactive, simple and interesting”
  • “I liked the practical nature. We experienced what the children do!” “I now understand how children learn in class that gave us fun ideas to use at home”
  • “I really enjoyed this workshop”
  • “ I was happy to be in the workshop because I learned a lot”
  • “Thanks for organising. I really enjoyed it!”

2S Assembly

On Friday 15th February, 2S took Highfield on a journey to Antarctica! As part of our Geography and English work, we have been learning about penguins. 2S were so excited to share all the facts they knew about penguins and even read out some amazing penguin poems! The children learnt their lines perfectly and entertained their audience with two fantastic penguin songs, including a rap!

“I loved being a penguin! I like how they waddle!” said Aidan.

“My favourite part was about regurgitation. The female penguin is sick in the chick’s mouth to feed it!” said Sarah.

Well done, 2S for an amazing assembly!






Police and People Who Help Us!

On Monday 11th February 2019 PC Doris and PC Louise who work for the London Borough of Enfield came to Highfield School to visit Reception and Year One. The children learnt about their special uniforms and how the police keep children and adults safe. They showed the children their uniform and demonstrated how the different equipment is used to protect us. The children were then given the opportunity to ask the police their own questions about their jobs. e.g. “What problems have you fixed.” “How many police officers are there in London?”

“The police help us find our mummies if we are lost.” (Reception Child)

“The letters on the uniform show where they work and the number is the police officer they call up.” (Year 1 Child)

“I learnt that they use the baton to break glass to help people in their houses.” (Year 1 Child)







Highfield goes French  –  Oh là là

Les escargot,  des anguilles et beaucoup de tartes avec des Milkshakes de chocolat, de fraise et de banane were all on the Menu at the French Café.  Years 4 and 5 learnt their vocabulary, earned their Euros and made their way to the Café de Paradis.  Each class got a chance to order in French, choose and consume their tea-time treats.  Bon appétit à tous.

Running the Café were the members of French Club who made the tarts, served the Milkshakes, sold the snails and eels, added up the bills and took some wonderful photos at the event – all in French!  Well done to all of them, keeping their poise while they served 180 children and several members of staff.  A great achievement for the French Club and children in years 4 and 5.






3L’s Amazing Assembly

On Friday 1st February 2019, 3L put on a fantastic show for their parents and the rest of the school. The children danced, sang and acted their way through the history of the Ancient Egyptians. They were able to share all the remarkable information they found out about Ancient Egypt. In the assembly, the children acted as Egyptian gods, pharaohs and embalmers. Everyone looked  fabulous in their costumes. The audience got to watch the process of mummification and a competition for the best god. The children used their brilliant voices to sing about Tutankhamun and mummification. Finally, they performed a dance. 3L did a  wonderful job!

3CA Active Planet Assembly

On Friday 8th February, 3CA performed their active planet assembly which was a huge success. They performed three songs, including the well known Michael Jackson songs ‘Heal the World’ and ‘Earth song’ as well as presented their class poem which was very moving. So many parents and carers came and were incredibly impressed with the children’s acting and singing skills. At the end, Miss Wren gave 3CA a standing ovation and described the assembly as ‘outstanding’ which made Miss Celik and Mrs Giarniese very proud. Well done 3CA on your fantastic performance!  

Parent Comment:

I just wanted to extend my huge congratulations to Miss Celik and Mrs Giarnese for this morning’s FANTASTIC assembly. Every child knew exactly what they were doing, and delivered their words beautifully.  The singing was gorgeous. The teachers had obviously put so much work in to the production, too.  There was lots of movement, and so much expression. Most importantly, every child was confident, relaxed and clearly enjoying the experience.  What more can you ask of teachers than encouraging these qualities in their pupils? I was so proud, and so impressed. Thank you!

3I’s Assembly

3I did a musical tour of an art gallery in our assembly, where we linked Literacy, Music and Art. In Literacy we have been studying the book Katie and the British Artists. The book tells the story of a little girl’s adventures in an art gallery where the pictures come to life. We wondered what it would be like if this happened in real life. In the assembly a ‘teacher’ taught his class about Kandinsky, who is our class artist, and took them to an art gallery where the paintings came to life. We sang 3 songs linked to famous paintings with great enthusiasm and confidence. Our dance routine was fantastic too! The song that people most enjoyed was Waka, Waka by Shakira. This song brought to life the highlights of the 2010 World Cup. 3I did a brilliant job!







Reception and KS1 River Workshop

Reception and KS1 were extremely lucky to be visited by Mike from the Canal and River Trust on Monday 21st January. Each class got the chance to have their own interactive session designed to help keep themselves and others safe around rivers and canals. This is especially important to the children in our school due to our proximity to the New River. The children were shown a large poster of a river with lots of dangers on it.  The children had to work in pairs to find the dangers and discuss what the problem was. Mike then showed the children how to use a range of life saving equipment and how to help pull someone out of the water alive. The children were extremely engaged and were asking some very interesting questions that Mike was able to answer for them. The session also showed the children how to call the emergency services for help and how to explain what had happened. The children’s favourite part of the session was the game of tug of war they played in order to help them understand the need to consider their own strength, and the strength that would be needed to pull someone out of the river. The children took away life saving knowledge and most importantly how to help someone but not put themselves in any danger whilst doing so.







4A’s Pizza Express Visit

On Wednesday 16th January, 4A visited Pizza Express where each child made their very own margarita pizza by listening and following the chef’s instructions. First, the children spread the dough evenly around then pan and created a crust around the outside. Then, they spread tomato sauce over their base. Finally, the children spread an even layer of cheese over their pizza. While the pizzas were baking, the children evaluated their work and considered potential ways to improve their pizzas. It was a fantastic morning!






Year 1’s Victorian Day!

Year 1 had such an enjoyable day on Friday 11th January when they stepped back in time into a Victorian School. All the children dressed up in Victorian costumes and explained who they were and what special jobs they had. The children took part in many activities throughout the school day including, handwriting on chalk boards, time tables and drills. They noticed that the classrooms looked very different in the Victorian times because ‘the children sat in rows’ and ‘the teachers were much stricter!’

‘I learnt that the boys sat at the front and the girls sat at the back.’  (Dahen 1P)

‘Our handwriting activity was really fun, I liked doing it with chalk.’  (William, 1P)

‘We had to sit in lines like they did in a Victorian classroom.’ (Sophia 1M)

‘The Victorians got to use a feather quill after lots of handwriting practice’ (Archie 1M)

‘I really enjoyed making our own Victorian objects.’ (Phoebe 1J)

‘I loved dressing up in my Victorian clothes.’ (Florence 1J)






Christmas Card Competition 2018

Congratulations to Khaleel in 1J, who produced a fantastic design to win this year’s Christmas card competition.








Our Year 6 pupils turned the clock back to 1940s wartime Britain when Morse codes were used for battle communication and long before colour TV, mobile phones and the internet!

The hands on WW2 history day provided the children with the opportunity to write emotional diary entry as a D- Day war hero, design and make their own gas masks, create bunting for their VE day party and create salt dough medals for brave and courageous soldiers.

Elizabeth “I really enjoyed learning about the events during D-Day and about the celebrations in Trafalgar square  during we day” 

Our Year 6 pupils turned the clock back to 1940s wartime Britain when Morse codes were used for battle communication and long before colour TV, mobile phones and the internet!

The hands on WW2 history day provided the children with the opportunity to write emotional diary entry as a D- Day war hero, design and make their own gas masks, create bunting for their VE day party and create salt dough medals for brave and courageous soldiers.

Elizabeth “I really enjoyed learning about the events during D-Day and about the celebrations in Trafalgar square during we day” 








Year 5 Mosque Visit

In the first week of December, Year 5 visited the Mevlana Rumi Mosque in Edmonton. It’s a beautiful red-brick building in Fore Street and we were made to feel very welcome. We were shown the prayer hall with its tulip patterned carpet and were taught about the Mihrab which points in the direction of Mecca. Afterwards, we were talked through the steps of Wudu, the ceremonial washing that prepares Muslims for prayer, and a few lucky children were chosen to climb the Minbar. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Islamic faith and we would like to thank  everybody at the Mosque for their generosity.







Maths Masterclass with Year 5

Over the last half term, some Year 5 children have been attending a Maths masterclass session with a maths specialist teacher after school. They have been challenged with fractions, decimals, percentages, problem solving, reasoning and explaining. The children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions.

 Kristina said, “The maths was hard but the activities were lots of fun. My Maths has really improved.”  Kassidy commented, “It was brilliant and fun! I can do things I wasn’t able to do!”

On the last session, the children’s parents were invited to see and take part in the lesson. The children showed off their new skills and all the parents were very impressed with what their child could now calculate and work out.  The Maths Masterclass has been a definite success!

Year 3 igospel Concert.

Parents, families, pupils and staff were on their feet at the end of the Year 3 igospel concert! They stood to applaud the amazing performance put on by the Year 3 classes, but also sang and danced along to the uplifting gospel music. The children have been practising for many months and put on a polished performance on Monday 17th December 2018. They performed old favourites, such as Jump and Colours, but also learnt new songs like the World’s Greatest and This Little Light of Mine. The igospel musicians helped all 3 classes gain confidence in their      singing; they learnt the words for all the songs, as well as actions. To the  delight of everybody, some children performed solos! Well done Year 3!






Boccia Tournament

On Monday 17th December, Highfield took park in a Boccia tournament at Keys Meadows school.  Our team of 5, Arda, Maria, Elias, Luke and Amber displayed their newfound skills at the game which is similar to Bowls.  We played well against Durants and Keys Meadows, winning some games and losing others.  The team showed great focus and they were wonderfully behaved. Well done to Highfield’s Boccia Team!


Congratulation to Melisa Halil and Martyna Rokowska who have been awarded with a wonderful trophy from CENTURY technology for their outstanding effort in completing the highest number of study sessions in the class! We are very proud of you!







Year One’s Church Visit

On Tuesday 11th December, Year One walked to Winchmore Hill Baptist Church. The children were so wonderfully behaved in the church and listened carefully to the minister as he explained the Christmas Story in detail using figurines. The children learnt about how the church welcomes people at Christmas time and were given the opportunity to ask some of their inquisitive questions about the Christmas Story. We were also lucky enough to be shown the baptistery and were explained what it is used for and why people may wish to be baptised. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit which has consolidated our learning in our RE topic, ‘The Nativity Story’ and now we have a better understanding of why Christmas is celebrated by Christians.

Dahen – “I enjoyed lighting the candles at the front of the church.”

Andreas- “The Bible had lots of pages in it, it’s a very important book.”

Lenny – “I liked the big hole – for baptising”

Kaan – “Looking at the Bible was my favourite part; the priest reads from it”

Megi – “I liked seeing what different things were inside the church.”

Jackson – “My favourite part of the Christmas story was when the Three Wise Men gave their gifts to Jesus.”   







Year 2 Fire! Fire!

What a fabulous Great Fire of London History Day Year 2 children had on  Friday 23rd November! The children dressed up in amazing costumes from the era and enjoyed a variety of activities. They created silhouette art of the fire using a variety of materials. The children thoroughly enjoyed participating in a quiz that showed how much they have learned over this half term. They also learned two songs about the Fire of London, London’s Burning which they sang in rounds and The Great Fire of London which they learned the sign language for and greatly enjoyed! The day ended with   Highfield’s very own miniature Fire of London when some children volunteered to burn their Tudor houses.






Multi Skills in the Nursery

On Thursday, 15th November AM Nursery were very lucky to be able to participate in a multi-skills training session. The children were amazing and they all really enjoyed themselves. We have heard from many parents that their children have been talking about the activities at home. The trial session was so successful that both AM and PM Nursery classes are going to be having multi-skills training every Thursday during the Spring term, which we will all look forward to.

Elizabeth: “We went round the roundabout, running really fast.”

Charlie H: “I went through the cones.”

Laurie: “The coach told people what to do.”






Highfield do Pyjama Day!

On Friday 16th November Highfield raised money for Children in Need. We raised a magnificent total of £1964.00, which is the highest record yet! Thank you incredibly for your generous donations throughout the week for wristbands and badges, donations to dress up, sponsored spellings as well as our annual magnificent cake morning arranged by the Friends of Highfield. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day in their comfy pyjamas and reflected on the less advantaged lives of other children and young adults in the UK.








Year 3 British Museum

On Friday 16th November Year 3 visited the British Museum and had a fantastic time! We have been studying Ancient Egypt this term and had the opportunity to see replica artefacts and photographs that we have been using in the  classroom, come to life. We saw the Rosetta Stone, death masks and enormous statues. We particularly enjoyed studying the mummified animals and sarcophagi. The highlight of the day was seeing Ginger, the mummified body of a man dated 3400 BC. We worked hard too, and went on a symbol hunt, examining wall paintings and sculptures for ankhs, scarabs and various gods. We also identified different animals that Ancient Egyptians used in their artwork. We came home tired but having learnt a great deal more about Ancient Egypt. Robyn – “I got to see lots of things from Ancient Egypt and I really enjoyed the mummies!”

Idling Action!

On Monday 19th November we were so lucky to have Jamie from Green Gumption come to visit our school. He gave an assembly to the KS1 children, telling them all about the effects of air pollution and how they can have a positive effect on this issue. It was fantastic to see so many children already walking, cycling and scooting to school. This helps to  reduce the amount of air pollution outside our school gates and makes for a healthier environment. He also talked about the harmful effects of leaving cars engines running whilst dropping off and collecting at the beginning and end of the school day. Jamie then worked with some fantastic parent volunteers and they went out at the end of the school day to speak to other parents/ carers about this issue. Thank you to all those involved in this exciting event!






This term, Year 3 have been taking part in iGospel workshops. IGospel is a team of professional singers and musicians who work in many schools to bring gospel music alive. 3L, 3CA and 3I are learning to sing a range of songs, including some that reflect our school’s values of Cooperation, Kindness and Respect. The children are working with David Leval to improve rhythm, tone and pitch and are greatly enjoying the sessions. Some of the children have also had the opportunity to take on solo parts! The children can’t wait to perform to the school at the end of term!

Cross Country Competition

On Friday 28th September Highfield took part in the Enfield Borough Cross country competition in Forty Hall. This was the first time Highfield had entered the event competing against twenty-four other schools. It was a beautiful day and our team consisting of Martyna, Carmen, Laura, Victor, Rayan, Stefan, Michael and Avin ran around the tough 1.2mile course. The whole team achieved an amazing 12th place, with Victor finishing in 3rd place in the boys’ race (out of over 100 boys). Well done Highfield’s cross-country team and a big thank you to Mrs Redondo for her help and expertise.

Year 5 Shakespeare Workshop

This afternoon, we were visited by an actor and educator from the Young Shakespeare Company. Under his direction, we told the story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. One by one, he introduced us to a complex cast of characters: There were illicit lovers and jealous suitors; a proud fairy king and his haughty fairy queen; a band of simple workmen and a group of mischievous imps. At key turning points, we stopped to discuss their thoughts and feelings, actions and motives. We tested our skills of prediction and inference and learned lines of Shakespearean English. Using our voices, we mimicked the sounds of owls and wolves, and the school hall was transformed into a forest at night. It was an immersive experience and an enchanting introduction to one of Shakespeare’s most famous comic plays. We are all looking forward to watching it performed at the Millfield Theatre.





Black History Month at Highfield

During Black History Month, the children have been learning about inspirational black women that have made a difference throughout history with their lasting legacy. Each year group were given key individuals to focus on during this month, as they researched and learnt all about their lives and actions for change. Some of the inspirational women that were covered include; Raven Wilkinson (Ballerina), Lorna Simpson (Photographer), Mahalia Jackson (Gospel singer), Althea Gibson (Tennis champion), Phyllis Wheatley (Poet) and Katherine Johnson (NASA mathematician). Across the school there was a wonderful range of activities going on, including film making, creating fact files and appreciating the work of musicians, all celebrating the achievements of these women. Black History Month at Highfield has allowed the children to explore how and why these inspiring black women have changed the world we live in today and how they can help to shape their own futures.