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Welcome to Physical Education at Highfield

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Sports Leaders:

The Team Captains have been running lunchtime sessions from Year 1-5. Year 1 and Year 2 have been enjoying multi skill games in the playground with the Red and Blue Team Captains; these games include balls games that help the children develop their motor skills along with their hand eye coordination. Year 3 have been taking part in Rounders with the Yellow Team Captains, this has helped them develop their team work skills along with their throwing and batting skills. Year 4 have attended several sessions with the Green team Captains and they have been learning how to play cricket. The Sports Leaders at Highfield Primary School have done an outstanding job this term!

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After School and Lunchtime Clubs



This Term some children in Year 1 and Year 2 have been attending a Gymnastics Club run by Mr Griffiths. The children have learned several different ways of moving around a mat whilst incorporating a balance and a vault. Some of the children were able to take part in the Borough Gymnastics Festival, they did extremely well and were all awarded with a medal! A huge thank you to Mr Griffiths for running this club.

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Girls’ Football Team:

The Girls’ football team have been training hard since the beginning of September with Mr Griffiths and they have already played two matches this season. The girls’ have already improved a huge amount and are able to think tactically as well as control the ball with skills and think about where and who to pass it too. We are looking forward to the matches next term when the children can show off their new skills and wear their new kits!

Boys Football:

The boys’ football team have also been training hard the season with Mr Wakefield. The boys in Year 5 and 6 have been attending sessions that help them with their tactics and have been practising several drills that will help them in their future football matches. The children have already played two matches this season at Edmonton County and did very well and scored some goals! Well done boys! The children now have new football kits and cannot wait to wear them!

Netball Team:

The girls’ netball team is going from strength to strength! The girls have won two of their three matches this season with the Year 6’s supporting the Year 5s with their tactics and movements on the court. The girls have really pulled together and are doing a spectacular job! Next Year the children will have brand new kits to wear and they cannot wait!

Bike It:

Highfield have been involved in a new scheme called Bike It. An Enfield representative has been visiting the school regularly and has even held a Doctor Bike It session in which children and families were able to bring their bikes to school to be fixed for free! There will be many new initiatives to encourage children at Highfield Primary School to cycle to school, including Bike It Ambassadors chosen from Year 5. Please keep an eye on the Website and Newsletter for any updates with this project!

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Winchmore Sports Leaders:

Highfield Primary School has been working very closely with Winchmore Secondary School and we have been able to organise several sessions in which classes from each Year Group have a PE lesson run by the Winchmore Sports Leaders. These sessions involve dance, multi skill games and football. The children absolute love these lessons and enjoy working with the Sports Leaders, who hope to be teachers some day and are using these sessions as practise!

Upcoming Events:

Girls Football League at Southbury Leisure Centre

Boys Football League at Edmonton County School

Netball League at Highfield Primary School

Girls’ Futsal Competition at Edmonton County School

Dance Festival at the Dugdale Centre

District Athletics at Lee Valley Leisure Centre

Run a Mile a Day Club

Cricket Club for KS1 and KS2

Sports Funding & Improvements to Physical Education

At Highfield, we believe that it is vital we spend our sports premium funding in a way that allows us to sustain the improvements that it should undoubtedly bring.  This academic year we have been allocated £20,000.  Our Head teacher Mrs Kemal is fully supportive in our plans of how to use this money which will run alongside the schools existing P.E. budget in order to drive the school forward.

In line with the OFSTED inspection handbook we aim to ensure that. “The school’s curriculum promotes and sustains a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. It covers a wide range of subjects and provides opportunities for academic, technical and sporting excellence”

Sports Premium