Welcome to French at Highfield


The aim of the French curriculum at Highfield is to inspire in our children, a love of learning languages. There are already a wealth of languages spoken at Highfield and our children enjoy sharing their home language.  Learning another language enables children to make links between them.  It also gives them a solid foundation for learning languages at secondary level.  French at Highfield is fun, it is taught through songs and games and interactive learning tools.  The teaching of French also draws on grammar, punctuation and pronunciation.


National curriculum requirements

French at KS2 should ‘develop pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world’. The National curriculum also states that lessons should ‘enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing.’


Changes to the curriculum since 2014

Teaching French at KS2 should include:

  • A balance of spoken and written languages
  • A focus on practical communication
  • A basic understanding of grammar
  • A focus on developing accurate pronunciation


The French Curriculum at Highfield

French is formally introduced to the curriculum in Y3 although children in KS1 are actively involved on our French theme days.


Year Group Unit Expectations
Year 3 Moi (All about me)

Jeux et chansons (Games and songs)

On fait la fête (Celebrations)

-Greetings and basic phrases, numbers to 10,

-French songs and games aimed to increase fluency and pronunciation

-Days of the week, months of the year, numbers to 20, writing short sentences

Year 4 Portraits (Portraits)

Les quatre amis (The four friends)

Ça pousse! (Growing things)

-Colours and parts of the body, je il elle, writing short paragraphs

-Animals, verbs, adjectives, performing plays in French

-Storytelling- Jack and the Beanstalk, the life cycle of a bean, buying and ordering food.  Role play.

Year 5 On y va (All aboard)

L’argent de poche (Pocket money)

Raconte-moi une histoire! (Tell me a story!)

-French speaking countries of the world, the map of France, weather reports- written and spoken.

-Using the Euro, likes and dislikes, role play.

-Storytelling and playscripts, common adjectives and numbers to 100

Year 6 Vive le sport! (Our sporting lives) Understanding and responding to phrases learnt so far (revision including days of the week, months and numbers to 100)

Writing and speaking paragraphs to describe themselves and others, their food preferences and their favourite sports.


Theme days

Highfield enjoys whole school French Days.  The theme of the first dress up day was Bastille Day and the most recent whole school event was The Tour de Highfield.  Theme days give the whole school a chance to immerse themselves in French language, culture and history. The children sing songs, listen to stories being told by French speaking parents, follow French trails, participate in French markets, ride bikes around our own course and they have also constructed a huge Eiffel Tower.

French Club

An after school French club is run weekly for children in Y4 and Y5.  This is a very popular club so members change termly enabling maximum attendance.  The club takes the themes of our curriculum and popular French culture to a greater depth and is led by our specialist French Teacher, Mrs Bates  

Useful websites and learning tools

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