Religious Education

At Highfield Primary School, Religious Education plays a pivotal role in helping to develop respectful children who embrace the British Value of tolerance towards others. We aim to instil within them the skills and values from world religions, to enable them positively contribute to the diverse world we live in. 

By undertaking an enquiry based approach, children are given the opportunities to delve into the many faiths and religious strands present within our school community. Our syllabus centres around learning about (AT1) and learning from (AT2) religions and their beliefs and lessons are based on the Agreed Enfield RE Syllabus.To ensure progression across year groups, ‘I can’ statements are used to assess children’s progress.  

In lessons, children are encouraged to share their own beliefs and religious traditions and draw comparisons between their own experiences and those of their peers. They are also encouraged to consider wider world concepts and consider the effect these ideas have on our society. 

Throughout the school year, each year group will have the opportunity to visit a place of worship/ meet practitioners from different faiths. Such opportunities help to bring the children’s learning to life and gives them a platform to ask questions in a safe environment. 

For further information on how these religious trips link to our curriculum please see here 

Collective Worship

At Highfield, we have collective worship RE assemblies once a week to help develop our children’s spirituality. Each assembly is an opportunity for children to learn about key events in the religious calendar and reflect on their own beliefs and actions. 

Please see our calendar for this academic year here



Policies and Information

Religious Education Policy – Click here
Collective Worship Policy – Click here
Spiritual, Moral , Social and Cultural (SMSC Policy) – Click here
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