Home Learning

Due to the closure of the school to most pupils, we have put together a home learning page for work/activities for children to complete at home. As the school is now closed to the majority of pupils we have put together an online curriculum and there is a suggested timetable for children to follow. We understand that everyone’s home situation is different but it is important children continue to learn so if possible please try and complete the activities set. Each year group has their own page and parents/children can email questions about their work directly to the Teachers in their year group. Teachers will be regularly checking this email account during normal school days and will reply to you as soon as possible. These email account will not be checked on non school days (weekends, holidays etc) so emails that are sent then will be responded on the next school day.

The email addresses are as follows;









Please remember this way of working is very new to all of us. If we are shut for an extended period of time we will be reviewing how this is working and looking for ways that we can further develop children’s learning experience in while at home.

If you have any enquiries regarding other matters, or would like to contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team, please email office@highfield-pri.enfield.sch.uk

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