Design and Technology

Welcome to Design and Technology at Highfield!

Design and Technology forms an exciting and integral part of life at Highfield School, with staff not only following the specific DT curriculum but using DT to enhance the teaching of other subjects. Wonderful celebrations, such as the International Days and History Days bring special experiences for the children through cooking food, from a particular culture or time in history, or designing and making items.

From Nursery to Year 6, the children are taught specific skills enabling them to create and make high quality items. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children begin to appreciate that materials/objects have particular properties which make them suitable for a particular task. They learn to select and safely use an appropriate range of tools to produce a product which satisfies a particular purpose showing clear decision making. They build and construct with a wide range of objects adapting their work where necessary.

With this foundation, children from Year 1 onwards are guided through the design processes used in industry: they must consider their target market and analyse existing products before they create their own ideas and develop them into working products. As they make their product, essential skills are taught, always with an emphasis on safety.  Finally they must evaluate their finished product.  Progression can clearly be seen via both the level of skills shown as the children move up the school as well as the demands of the projects themselves.

To further enhance children’s enjoyment for the subject and develop their skillset enrichment of the DT includes visits to Pizza Express where the children experience making their own pizzas.

Please find the links for the DT Programme of Study and Progression Framework we follow at Highfield available below:

DT Programme of Study

DT Progression Framework


Highfield’s Design and Technology Curriculum Coverage – Click here


Fun ways to develop your child’s Design Technology Skills


Encourage children to design and make their own products using recycled materials found at home. This will encourage them to experiment with different ways of joining materials together and has great links to geography and looking after our environment.

Take a trip to the Design Museum

Explore inventions both past and present! For the first time the Design Museum currently has a permanent installation and they have free bookable sessions, perfect for a day trip filled with fun. For further details see:

How do things work?

Go on a walk around your local area and see whether you can determine how different objects were made and how they work. Share your experiences of how inventions (like the telephone or car) have changed in your lifetime.

Ready. Steady. Cook!

Have your own bake off, design and make a picnic or make a family favourite. This is a great way to develop mixing, measuring and cooking skills with your child.

Lego Challenge

Challenge your child to use a modelling material like Lego to build a structure. This can include recreating a famous London Landmark or building the structure of your dreams.