Joining our Nursery and Reception classes

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Highfield has a wonderful Nursery offering 60 part time places. Children who are offered a place either morning or afternoon, usually attend the Nursery class for a year before starting in a Reception class at primary school. The place offered will be part time. The Nursery place offered will consistent of a Home Visit in September, followed by a taster session in the Nursery. The children will then have a shorter session building to longer sessions. This ensures your child settles happily into our Nursery.

Please remember if your child attends our Nursery you must apply for a Reception place in the same way as other applicants. There is not an automatic right to transfer from our Nursery to Reception.

Highfield Primary is able to offer 90 Reception places. We have an Early Years unit providing high quality provision for our pupils. In Enfield children begin school during the academic year in which they become 5. The academic year begins in September. Our induction procedures ensure all children receive the best possible start to their education.As part of this we offer a Taster Session, followed by a gradual start, aiming to start the children full-time over a two week period. This maybe extended depending on the children’s individual needs.

At the moment, due to the Covid pandemic, meetings/tours are unfortunately not being held.

Enfield Admissions Service deals with all schools admissions. Admissions Booklets are available for parents to view online using the link below. You should  apply for your child’s Nursery or Reception place online at or directly at You can contact the admissions service on 020 8379 5501 to check whether your child is eligible for a place. In the result of our Nursery or Reception classes being oversubscribed the process used to allocate places is detailed in the Enfield school brochure and website.

The online application process for Reception for September 2021 begins in September 2020 until 15th January 2021. The outcomes will be published on 16th April 2021.

The online application process for Nursery for September 2021 begins in October 2020 until 15th February 2021. The outcomes will be published on the 23rd April.

The online application process for Secondary School September 2021 begins in September 2020 until 31st October 2020. The outcomes will be published on 1st March 2021.







Late Applications

When parents make an online application they can only submit it once and are not able to make any changes to it. If there are good reasons why they have submitted an application late these need to be confirmed in writing to the Admissions Team. No late applications can be considered on time for any reason if they are submitted after 16 January 2021.

Mid Year Admissions

Pupils starting our school in the middle of a year will have an introductory meeting with our Admission Induction Officer.  We encourage parents to visit our school with their child as part of the admissions process. All new children are supported to ensure they are felt welcomed and make friends easily. We will monitor their transition and ensure they are well supported through our successful systems such as class buddies.


When your child is in Year 6 you will be asked to choose a secondary school for their next stage of your child’s education. Parents will be given advice and support from us, as well as from the secondary schools and the Local Authority. The school will hold a meeting for all year 6 parents at the start of the autumn term to explain the application process and answer any questions. The Enfield Schools Admission Service also organise information sessions which are detailed in the secondary transfer brochure.

The school will distribute a copy of the Secondary Transfer Brochure to all pupils in September. You can also download the brochure from the Enfield Council’s website on The Enfield Admissions Service are also able to give advice or support with the application process either by telephone on 0208 379 5501 or in person during opening times.

The brochure provides details of Enfield’s secondary schools together with information about the admission arrangements and how to apply for a place. Transfer to secondary school is an important step for both you and your child and we would advise you to gather as much information as possible to help you make the right decision when selecting which school to nominate on the application form.

All schools hold an open evening and many offer the opportunity to visit during the school day. It is important that you take the time to visit as many schools as possible. If your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs the arrangements for your child’s transfer will be different. The SEN Services Team will contact you directly to explain the process further.  You apply online at

To prepare pupils for secondary school they will be offered a chance to visit their new school and teachers from the local secondary schools will come and meet their new pupil’s at Highfield. We will also be running sessions with our year 6 pupils looking at changes and discussing concerns to ensure a smooth transition for all pupils.