School Information

Highfield is an inclusive primary school where we believe every child can succeed. We are a three form entry school and currently have a school population of around 690 children. We are lucky to have a vast amount of field space, including a mini farm, sports area and outdoor gym, which makes our school site a very special place.

Central to the school’s vision is the belief that children should be educated in a way that encourages them to use their imagination and creativity, which will enable them to innovate, problem solve and progress. Our school priorities are focused on creating an environment that shows children that it is exciting and empowering to learn.

At Highfield we believe education needs to be about the whole child. We aim to give children the support they need to achieve their academic potential as well as teaching them values that will serve them well, not only in this school but throughout their lives.

We believe that it is important to encourage empathy and social responsibility. We want to develop well rounded citizens and this is why the school’s values of kindness, cooperation and respect are central to all we do. Working in partnership with all members of the community is essential to our vision of providing a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment, accessible to all.

School evaluation and school improvement plan summarised 

3-Year Strategic Plan

Excellence in Learning Community