General Welfare

Highfield Medical Policy – here Highfield Asthma information –here If your child needs to take on-going medication e.g. for asthma, please into come into school and discuss your child’s requirements with the Welfare Assistant. You will be asked to contribute to a Care Plan outlining your child’s medical needs, the dose and timing of medication and what action should be taken in an emergency. If the medical need is complex the school nurse will be invited to give advice at the Care Plan meeting. The medicine must be prescribed by a Doctor and the Care Plan signed by the child’s parent or carer. The Care Plan and medication will be kept in the Welfare Room and administered under the supervision of an adult. If your child becomes ill or sustains any injury at school, they will be cared for by the Welfare Assistants, if it is deemed necessary parents will be asked to come to the school to collect their child. In case of an emergency, please make sure we always have up-to-date phone numbers where you can be contacted. Parents/carers will be informed of any head injuries sustained and for serious accidents we follow the procedures laid down by the London Borough of Enfield. Our Medical Guidelines explain when the school is able to administer medicine. If this applies to your child then please fill in the attached documents for self administration of medicine or for the school to administer medicine. Please bring that form to the school reception where they will arrange a meeting with our medical staff to go through the procedures.


Infection Guidance for Schools

click here to see the Infectious guidance for schools:

The list is for guidance only. It is not exhaustive and does not replace medical support from your GP, the NHS or 999 in an emergency. Coronavirus is not included – please follow current guidance from the school, government and NHS. 

Head Lice

This is a very common problem in schools, which is easily treatable at home. Treatments can be purchased at the chemist. If you do discover head lice we can provide advice in school; please come in and ask for an information sheet. It would be helpful if you would let the school know if your child does have head lice so that other parents can be alerted to check their children’s hair and treat it if necessary. Click here for more information on ‘Bug Busting’ from Community Hygiene Concerns. We will inform parents/carers if head lice are discovered and would ask that the child does not return to school until the head lice have been treated and the child is free from head lice.

Child Protection

The Area Child Protection Committee, with members from Social Care, Health Departments, Police, NSPCC, the Education Department and others, have published procedures on Child Protection. The procedures give clear instructions for school staff to inform Social Care immediately of any allegation of abuse or non-accidental injury. It is the duty of the school to follow these instructions. Parents/carers are informed as soon as possible. A copy of the school’s Child Protection Policy is available for inspection.

Fasting in school

If your child is fasting, please collect a letter from the school office. Please let us know exactly what your child is stopping (water and food or just food) so we are aware and can support your child. We ask for this confirmation because we have had children in the past who have decided to fast without their parent’s knowledge or consent. Children who are fasting may be asked to sit quietly at break and lunchtimes with a book. It is a long school day without food and for some children water, therefore if your child feels unwell we will be sending them home.


Please see the latest MMR information from Enfield Council

Measles Letter and MMR Information

See the  latest NHS Immunisation Information

Please Note :

If children vomit they should not come to school for at least 48 hours – to ensure germs are not passed to others. In hot weather we strongly recommend that children are provided with hats and sunscreen.

Enfield Minor Ailment Scheme: great for children with minor illness

Your local pharmacy can now directly prescribe medicines to patients who have minor ailments and do not have to pay NHS prescription charges. ( Can not prescribe antibiotics but great for cough’s colds, head lice information etc ) Ask for information at your GP – collect a Minor Ailment Scheme Passport for your child.
Minor Ailment Scheme Poster – here
Minor Ailment Scheme information – here
Participating Pharmacy List – here