School Council

KS2 School Council

Our new value of the term is Equality

Our new value of the term is Teamwork:

Teamwork, teamwork,

Together we can make our dream work.

Then we’ll share the joy of what we’ve done,

Teamwork, everyone!

It’s fun to shoot the basketball through the hoop,

But if nobody passes then nobody shoots.

And the relay race just can’t go on,

If nobody wants to pass the baton.


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Our School Councillors work together to make Highfield the best it can be.

“Together we can achieve more.”

They help to ensure that our core and termly values are embedded.

How do we appoint School Councillors?

  • In the Autumn term Year 6 children who would like to be School Councillors apply by filling an application form, and are interviewed by The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.
  • Children from Year 1 to Year 5 who want to be School Councillors put themselves forward.
  • They then prepare a persuasive speech and present it to the class.
  • The class votes for the best speech and the children are then elected.
  • Each Councillor gets a great badge to wear.

What is the School Council?

  • The School Council is a group of children who attend meetings and discuss how to make the school better. They are good role models for the children at Highfield.
  • We have class representatives from Year 1 – Year 6. There are two members from each class, a girl and a boy.
  • Year 6 Councillors have special jobs – Secretary, Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer.
  • The Secretary writes the agenda, types up the minutes of the meetings and makes sure everyone knows when the meetings are.
  • The Chair runs meetings, leads discussions and makes sure all Councillors are involved.
  • The Treasurer looks after the School Council’s money and writes reports on what the School Council spends.
  • The Vice Chair leads the meetings if the Chair is away and makes sure everyone who agrees to do something, does it.

What we do?

  • Class representatives listen to their classes and write their ideas down to discuss them at the meetings. Some ideas that classes have thought of in the last two years:
  • new equipment for playground – a climbing frame, swings, climbing wall
  • opening tuck shop
  • bike shed
  • participating in the 2015 Flag project with UK Parliament
  • applying for the school council speakers’ Award in 2014

Why is the School Council important?

It’s important because the School Council have contributed lots of ideas to improve the school and helped the Headteacher by coming up with lots of great ideas. “Together, the School Council can help Highfield achieve more.”

School Council Meeting Minutes 2021