Parents Questionnaire 2019

Thank you to all the parents who attended parents evening. The support you give your child and the school is vitally important and parents evening is an opportunity to learn more about your child’s learning and the progress they have made. 94% of parents attended our parents evening and many of you filled in our questionnaire.

Parents’ Comments

Thank you for everyone who made comments. I have selected a range of comments that seem to typify the responses.

‘Thank you for all the staff do.’

‘We need more clubs like ballet and dancing.’

‘We love Highfield. Thank you very much. An excellent experience.’

‘Please continue with the high level of support provided. We are very proud of being part of the Highfield family.’

‘(My child) tends to get over looked for clubs and activities.’

‘More emphasis on extra-curricular sports for Year 3-4 onwards.’

‘The teachers are very welcoming.’

‘SENCO support has been good.’

‘Perfect school.’

‘Very impressed with the school. Also the teachers really work well with the parents.’


Thank you for your continued commitment to the school.

Kind Regards


David Wilson