Parents Questionnaire 2020

Highfield Parent Questionnaire – for all parents 
Parent’s Questionnaire for Remote Learning – for parents whose children have had to self isolate

Main Survey

Parents Comments

The school is fantastic, the kids are very happy and all the staff and teachers are doing an amazing job. Just one area for improvement would be to ensure children who are particularly able in a subject are given work that challenges them even if it is more advanced than the curriculum for their year group.
My first child has just started reception and of course because of corona things are different anyway. So on some where I have answered ‘agree’ I’m sure under different circumstances it would be ‘strongly agree’. Some of the questions I haven’t yet had much experience of if that makes sense but that doesn’t mean that it is not there and done brilliantly. I’m super impressed so far with Highfields. Thank-you.
Communication is not efficient too many channels (text messages, emails, tapestry…) it’s hard to follow everything and we received way too many communications, like several per day sometimes
Love Highfield my girls are thriving and are so happy. Great teaching and leadership. Have done a brilliant job dealing with COVID and trying to maintain normality for the children. Well done!
My children feel both happy and safe at Highfield and have been very fortunate to have had fantastic teachers over the time they have attended. We feel the teachers go the extra mile for our children. Thank you to Mr Wilson, his management team and every single one of the brilliant staff at Highfield!
We think you’ve done a brilliant job under hugely trying circumstances. Keeping our child learning and engaged whilst more importantly keeping him safe (and feeling safe there). Thank you

Remote Survey

Parent’s Comments

Videos from their teachers explaining work makes a huge difference to their engagement and also allows independent learning which is essential whilst parents are working during the day.
We all (parents and children as well as teachers) knew what to expect as per lockdown #1 including how to use Google classroom and how the tasks setting and submitting works. So it was very smooth. The system works well and the teachers are ever so well prepared.
It was good to get a structured plan for learning/activities
Live lessons – My husband and I work full time, my daughter is 7, she cannot be left to do the work alone so I had to make a decision each day whether she would submit work or whether I would be able to work
Keep it simple. We are more likely to be able to handle the workload on top of our own work if its broken down into bite sized chunks, and listed in a short to-do checklist. Keeping everything in one central hub

Thank you for your continued commitment to the school.

Kind Regards 

David Wilson