Meet the Teacher

Due to restrictions on visitors at the school, this year’s Meet The Teacher Presentations have been pre-recorded and can be accessed via your child’s google Classroom account. 

Please also be aware of the CEOPS Website. This information is crucial for parents/carers to help combat cyber-bullying and how to keep your child safe when they are using the internet.​ 

Meet the Teacher Feedback

September 2018

Outcomes from the questionnaires

Did you find the meeting useful? Was the information helpful?

  • Yes, all information explained clearly and questions answered –very useful handout.
  • Very useful information regarding school processes.
  • It was very helpful to hear about government expectations in relation to the teachers own thoughts. I am pleased that the teachers and school can make their own judgement to some extent and love that SATS are called quizzes and that children are not under pressure in Year2.
  • I am pleased to hear you will be photocopying some good work to send home so that I am aware of what kind of things he is working on during the day.
  • Yes, it was a good opportunity to meet my son’s teacher and hear about structure of the week, school rules etc.
  • Good insight on what they will be doing throughout the year.
  • Very useful opportunity for all parents to meet the teacher. Children enjoyed the experience.

Useful handouts. Clearly explained so parents know what’s going on.

Do you feel having your child present at the meeting is important? Tell us why.

  • Although it is difficult to sit through, they like us to be in their classroom and meet the teacher.
  • Perhaps not – it’s quite a lot of information and I’m not sure he is taking it all in.
  • Yes, so they are able to understand what is expected of them throughout the year.
  • Yes, I think it is helpful for the children to feel and know that teachers and parents are sharing information and that there are links between home and school.
  • Yes, because they need to know that they have rules and obligations and they can also help parents by reminding them.
  • Yes – joint responsibility and understanding of what is expected.
  • Yes, the children are told the rules again and parents can talk to children about it at home.
  • It lets the child feel that parents and teachers are communicating and encourages conversation with the child regarding classroom environment.
  • So the child knows that the parents are involved in their education.
  • It gives him a sense of togetherness and will hopefully make him feel more enthusiastic about it.
  • Yes, children enjoyed having the parents present. Shows parents are on board.

Is there anything you feel we should have included during the meeting?

  • Hoping for more opportunities to get inside classroom and maybe observe a lesson?
  • It would have been beneficial for child to sit with parent, to support teacher with connecting who is who and also, some kind of engagement or activity to introduce all.
  • Timetable on how lessons after their SATs are structured in Year 6 
  • It might be helpful to get an overview of the year to find out about other topics or events coming up.
  • Some more information on what happens during PE eg: how gymnastics works and info on the music lessons.
  • I would like to know if the children will have any clubs related to learning to play musical instruments. 
  • Meeting would be more beneficial if we found out about the teacher’s history at the school and personal interests.

Thank you to all parents/carers who filled in the questionnaire. We take your views very seriously and are always looking for ways to improve.