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At Highfield we value “Meet the Teacher” meetings

September 2015

These meetings are arranged at the beginning of the school year when all parents and carers are invited to a meeting with their child’s new teacher. Here, the teacher will go through their plans and expectations and share the schools ethos and golden rules, as well as explaining how the school week is organised, for example they will explain how it works when children have PE or swimming etc. and many other aspects of day to day life for your child. Parents/carers are able to ask questions, become familiar with the classroom and generally get to know your child’s teacher.

During the meetings you will be alerted to the CEOPS website. This information is crucial for Parent/carers to help combat cyber-bullying and how to keep your child safe when they are using the internet. CEOP website:

Week commencing September 7th 2015 “Meet the Teacher” meetings were scheduled for Y1 to Y6 Parents and Carers.

The meeting were very well attended and from your evaluations we can see that you also value this time as much as we do.

The comments are very positive and complimentary to the school and the staff

Here are a few to share with you.

  • My child felt confident to see her parents attend the meeting with her, it created a connection – Year 3
  • I felt well informed on what the expectations are – Year 3
  • It is important for the children to see that their parents are getting the same messages – Year 3
  • My child could see that I was listening to the important information – Year 2
  • It is very important to have children present at the meeting, they can see that we also have to follow rules, listen and respect everybody – Year 2
  • Having my son with me at the meeting means he knows what has been said regarding his time in year 4, he knows that I have heard it – Year 4
  • I was informed of an important site for computer safety  which I feel is good – year 4
  • It is important for us all to attend the meetings with our children , we can reinforce the points made at home – Year 4
  • It is important for parents to understand what the expectations are – year 4
  • I can reinforce and discuss all the expectations at home with my child – Year 6
  • We are all singing from the same hymn sheet! – Year 6
  • It was very useful to be able to take a hard copy of the presentation away – Year 5
  • I feel clear about the expectations, especially the homework and I will be able to support my child at home – Year 5
  • I wanted my child to her about the importance of attendance and punctuality , I was pleased this was covered in the meeting – Year 5
  • I agree that it is important for my child to take more responsibility in their life–Year 5
  • It was most useful to know how the classroom works and what is expected from our children and from us – Year 1

As always we value your suggestions and take them seriously. We have responded to your requests outlined below:

Will the children be put in ability groups; will they have the same teacher for all subjects?

These questions can be raised during the parent/carer consultation meetings which have been scheduled for October. You will be given an appointment where you can discuss your child’s individual needs.

We would like information about the whole year curriculum

All this information is on the school website it is broken down into year groups where you will find the curriculum map that will tell you what your child will cover in all subjects for the whole year, in addition each class produces a termly curriculum letter which is available to parent/carers. The school website is:

We would like to receive handouts of the presentation from all year groups

Class teachers have been informed to do so.

Thanking you for your co-operation

Maria Kemal



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