Recovery Curriculum

Highfield Recovery Curriculum

Learning has not stopped despite the partial closure of our school. Leaders and teachers have made sure pupils have been given work to complete at home. We have all worked hard to have some level of consistency and the continuing development of Google Classroom is making a difference to the level of pupil engagement. We have distributed a number of devices to families so children can access this learning platform. The opportunity to watch assemblies, recorded lessons, teachers reading stories has been vital for our pupils’. We will continue this development so that it enhances homework and home becomes integral in our schools’ excellent curriculum offer should we experience a second lockdown. We recognise that we need to further develop the real time support that teachers give remotely should that arise. We have also seen the success of the remote parent/teacher meetings which has enabled us to get a good idea of children’s academic progress since the school has been shut.

We know that parents have been very supportive in these difficult times and have had a central role in their children’s education. We have offered support to them so that they feel more confident in helping their children. This will continue in the new academic year.


Our road to recovery in not just about a catch up in learning. Children have had daily routines and structures disrupted over a number of months. We acknowledge this will be important to repair for a number of our more vulnerable pupils who have had little or no learning as well as living in challenging circumstances. Preparing for all pupils to return to a ‘normal’ school day will be difficult. We cannot expect all pupils to