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  Year 3 Curriculum Plan


3I Highlights.


This has been a momentous term for 3I; we are now Juniors! We have become accustomed to working throught the afternoon and being with Years 4, 5 and 6 in Keystage 2. We also quite like the old building.

Anna – We enjoy working in this building because it is really old and it has not fallen down yet!

It has been a busy term with many highlight including, Egyptian Day, DT Day, Art Day, igospel and the Christmas pantomime . One event we greatly enjoyed was our trip to the British Museum. We had enjoyed learning about life in Ancient Egypt and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s treasures in class but to see artefacts and statues from the period was very exciting. We had a replica of The Rosetta Stone in 3I but were  amazed to see the real thing. The most interesting part of the visit was seeing Ginger, the 5,500 year old naturally mummified figure.!

Salomon – I  was happy when we were on the train beause I was talking to my partner; were talking  about funny things. At the  museum I liked it when we saw Ginger.


Another highlight was DT Day, when we designed and made our own models of the British Museum. We started off by investigating different materials and selecting the most appropriate ones for our models.  After designing our museums we made them in small groups or pairs. All of our  models had columns, roofs and the familiar entrance steps. They were very good replicas of the museum itself!

Alyssa  – I enjoyed making and designing an amazing model. I worked with my partner Maya and our model of the British Museum had columns and steps. We worked very hard and we also made a flag!






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