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  Year 3 Curriculum Plan

3I Summer


Year 3
has gone so quickly and we are now ready for Year 4. It has been a fantastic
year with many wonderful things to look back on. As usual the Summer Term was
filled with lots of excitement and outdoor events.

        We were fortunate enough to work with
specialist cricket and football coaches this term and have become skilled and
keen players ourselves! Sports Day was another highlight, especially if you
were in the winning team – Green Team! Our Fit for Life Day at Grovelands Park
was a great success. The weather was glorious and we enjoyed ice lollies and
fruit cocktails. The games, the trip to the woods and the play area were great
fun. Ruby – “I liked the bit when we
played Frisbee. I enjoyed the standing long jump. I jumped really far.”

  In June we celebrated the Royal Wedding with
quizzes, games and food. This year International Day was full of dance and
music. We learnt about Spain, learnt a Polish dance and played the djembe
drums. Highfield’s Got Talent finished off the year perfectly as we saw many
varied and interesting acts. Our talented children sang, danced, played the
piano and performed magic tricks. Sophia, from our class performed in the
winning act! We were all very proud of her. Luke – “I liked all the acts because they really persevered and
practised. I think the right performers won.”

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