3C – Escher

Year 3 Curriculum Letter

3C’s Highlights


This half term has been incredibly exciting for Year 3 as every Tuesday they have had the pleasure of singing with David from I-Gospel. Over the last ten weeks the children’s singing has improved tremendously and their confidence has grown. To celebrate how far their singing has come year 3 put on an I gospel performance to key stage 2 and their parents (even the parents got on their feet and danced!). Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and will continue to sing their way through the year. 

“ I liked that we were able to perform the songs to our parents!  I especially liked the song ‘Jump’!” Kerem 3C

“I liked that we got to sing every Tuesday and David was really and funny!” Evie 3C


Santa’s Grotto 

On Wednesday 20th December 3C had the opportunity to visit Santa and his grotto. The first thing that caught our eyes was the amazing decorations – the grotto looked truly beautiful! Every child got to meet Santa and he kindly gave everyone a gift! Before leaving the grotto the elves told us that we were the best behaved class that had visited them which made ourselves and Miss Celik very proud.

“I loved the grotto because I got a present which was very generous of Santa!” Millena 3C

“I liked the grotto because Santa kept saying ‘HO HO HO’ which I found funny!” Thomas 3C


3C’s visit to Winchmore Hill
Baptist Church: 26.03.18

3C R.E topic this term has
been ‘Christianity: The stories of Jesus’ so we were delighted when Winchmore
Hill Baptist Church offered to show us around. When we first arrived we were
greeted by members of the church who told us the story of Easter and it’s
meaning. Then we were given a demonstration of adult baptism which was very
interesting. To round off our visit we were allowed to explore the Church and
even got to play on the organ. What fun we had!

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