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  Year 3 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


Spring Term 2016


3MB Highlights

Class Assembly

On Friday 20th January 3MB performed ‘Space the Final Frontier’ to parents and KS2. The assembly was set inside a space ship, ‘The Starship Motivator’, which was on course to explore the Solar System and beyond. Our assembly included planet haikus, motivation speeches, songs and dances.  We even met a few aliens along the way! ‘’It was an exciting and impressive performance,’’ said Bartu.  ‘’The Dancing was lots of fun,’’ said Ashton.  ‘’Doing all the crazy movements to The Final Countdown was crazy but nice!’’ remembered Giada.  ‘’Everyone‘s costumes were amazing!’’ exclaimed Eva. 






Petrie Museum Visit

On Tuesday 14th March 3MB set off to visit the Petrie Museum at University College London.  We travelled by train and tube and we arrived at 10.30am.  The museum was opened just for us and about 8000 artefacts were on display, including a skeleton in a pot!  We spent the morning drawing and investigating artefacts and we also had talks by archaeologists, Amanda and Tracey.  Amanda showed us how to read hieroglyphs using a pot made for King Tutankhamun! It was a great learning experience for us all.  

‘’It was quite scary when we found a baboon skull,’’ remembered Huseyin.

‘’There were three kinds of Ancient Egyption writing,’’ explained Dana.

‘’In the drawers there were beautiful shimmering necklaces,’’ said Julia.

Ibrahim remembers detailed pots and Laura enjoyed looking at all the artefacts that Petrie brought back from Egypt.







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