At Highfield, we understand that the outbreak of COVID-19 has likely created some worry and distress for people in our school community. We are now beginning to collate guidance and develop resources to support you with this. We hope to update this page regularly with new information as it becomes available.

You might find yourself feeling worried about the spread of Coronavirus and its impact on you and your loved ones. These feelings are normal and it’s important we acknowledge them and remind each other to look after our physical and mental health. 

Currently, everybody in the UK is being asked to stay at home. Some examples of things you can do to help you keep positive in such unprecedented times might include:

  • Stay in touch – Keep in contact with your family and friends, you can still connect from a distance – Call your friends or send a card/letter to a loved one.
  • Continue the things you enjoy – Try reading that book you’ve been meaning to start, watch that new series or try a new skill – Some of your Teachers have been busy learning all sorts of new skills they will no doubt be keen to show off when we return to school!
  • Get into a daily routine – You might find it helpful to plan when you are going to complete your learning and plan in a treat for afterward, so you have something to look forward to.

It is also important to recognise when things are feeling overwhelming and talking to those around you to help lighten the load. However, if you feel you’d like to speak to someone more confidentially, https://www.giveusashout.org/ offers a fantastic 24/7 service, free on all major mobile networks, for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere. It’s a place to go if you’re struggling to cope and you need immediate help. Shout is powered by a team of volunteers, who are at the heart of the service. They take people from crisis to calm every single day.

Another website you may find useful is: https://www.camhs-resources.co.uk/

As mentioned above, please check this page regularly as it will be updated as and when appropriate.

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