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  Year 3 Curriculum Plan


3M Spring Term Highlights

Year 3 Easter Assembly

On 22nd March, Year 3 performed their Easter Assembly. After weeks of rehearsal and
preparation, the whole of Year 3 came together to show their marvellous
speaking and acting skills! The children acted out the events from the Christian
Bible of the Easter story. Our assembly described the story of Jesus, when he
was sentenced to death, the Last Supper and when he rose again. All of the Year
3 teachers were extremely proud of how well we performed and memorised our

Space assembly

At the start of the term, we presented our whole class assembly on the History of Earth and Space. We explored the history of space, from the beginning of time, to modern day space missions. As a class, we learnt many new things about the milestones humans have achieved over time and future explorations into space. We enjoyed performing our assembly with songs and Miss McGrath was very proud of us!

“My favourite part was when the astronauts went into the spaceship and I think Tom, Aaliyah and Rayann were proud of themselves!” Kassidy

“I liked our lines in the assembly because we learnt new things about space and future space” Zak

“I liked the part when the astronauts went in their spaceship and sang a joyful song” Melina


Ancient Egyptian day in Year 3






On the 23rd March, Year 3 created and took part in an Ancient Egyptian themed day. We came in dressed in our wonderful Egyptian outfits and the teachers dressed up too! In Year 3, we learnt about the hierarchy of Ancient Egypt and used role-play to act out what it might have been like to live in Egypt at this time. We learnt that Egyptians did not have money, so to buy their food; they would have to barter for it. We tasted some Ancient Egyptian foods from our own Egyptian themed buffet, but we had to barter for our food. After tasting delicious Egyptian food, we discussed the different positions in the hierarchy and created our own Egyptian hierarchy pyramids. In the afternoon, the whole of Year 3 hosted an Egyptian fashion show and dance performance. It was great fun watching and dancing, as Egyptians would have done. During the day we also played, Wrap the Mummy. We worked in teams to wrap our friend up as well as we could, in a given time. Our mummies had to stand very still and we had to work quickly to beat the time. Year 3 had a wonderful, fun-filled day as Ancient Egyptians and learnt new things about Egyptian life.

“I really liked playing Wrap the Mummy because it was very hard and we got to wrap up our friends in toilet paper!” Christiana

 “I really enjoyed the Egyptian fashion show we got to do lots of moves and silly dances” Irini

“I liked playing Wrap the Mummy game because we had to be very gentle and it was very hard but fun!” Senih

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