School Council 2017 – 2018 Generosity poem

Tuesday 26th September 2017


Nasra (6D)

Generosity can sweep in like a hurricane, the eye of the storm

not destroying but gathering together everything in its path

A light so enveloping it enchants everyone

The flow of a river entering the heart, mind and soul.


Generosity is like the kindest sun,

not just a ball of fire and heat,

but an orb of tranquillity and love.


Generosity is like the wind, blowing meanness and hatred away

and bringing in a breath of serene peace and kindness.


Watch the hard ground crack open as generosity spews forth

a whirlpool of love, gratitude and kindness.


Shai (6D)

People can sometimes forget their generosity,

leave it behind at home,

but once you really know how important it is

you will remember to bring it with you –

it will be the first thing you stuff into your treasure chest when you have to go.


The spirit of generosity will generously offer itself to you

and if you can accept it every morning

as you sip your hot chocolate

and take a bite of your toast

it will sliver smoothly into your mouth

and eventually find your heart.


Once you leave your home

that handful of generosity

will be ready to be sent off to all the people that deserve it

everyone that is just like you

and you will find generosity waiting for you

when you finally arrive at your destination.


That handful of kindness is ready for its mission

to kill everyone with kindness – and help them live!


Eat your breakfast every morning

and the sweet honey of generosity

will slip across your tongue

and eventually, find your heart.



Ilias (6D)

Piccadilly, Bond Street, and many many more

In these stations beggars lay, destitute on the floor!


Give them kindness, give them coins,

make them rich with hope!

In their blankets, dirty with sorrow

Give them a bar of soap!


Central line, Circle line, District and more,

On the platforms, buskers play… songs galore!


They try to smile as they sing

but their empty baskets on the ground

remind them of their families

and from their eyes, tears trickle down.


Gabriel (4D)

Generosity is kindness

Everything is kindness


You are familiar with generosity

Everyone has generosity inside them.


Rayan (5B)

Kindness is nearly the same as generosity

You can smell kindness in the air

flowers blooming, fresh bread backing

everywhere you go it is there

There can always be kindness

and everyone can be generous, they just don’t know it.


Kyra (6L)

Kindness may be in your coat pocket

you’re generous and helpful

until you’ve grown out of that jacket and throw it away.


Kindness is there on any day at any time,

but you need to find it.

Dig deep, deep down….

maybe even underground


Matilda/Adam/others who didn’t manage to write a poem themselves…?



I climb the stairs at Green Park

Beautiful views, lakes, a small playground,

lots and lots of green…

it really is a park!


Back down, underground, riding in the dark…


The train stops at Mansion House


It might be a big mansion,

for someone famous from the past.

It might be a mansion

where someone lives right now.

or…it might just be an underground station!


I’m scared, I’m lost, I’m lonely

I don’t know where to go


(People can get upset in the underground.)


Ediz  (6L)

Normally in the underground

People beg… for kindness.

The echo of the trumpet or guitar

hits you with a wave of familiarity

followed by a tsunami of respect

and topped with a cherry of generosity.


Do you like cake?

Would you like a cake the flavour of respect, co-operation or kindness?

All it costs is a smile, or a warm hug,

or a home for the night.


Eleni (6L)

Generosity comes in many forms,

It can get you through anything,

even through storms.


You don’t need a lot to achieve such things;

You don’t need miracles, you don’t need wings!


You only need a pinch of happiness,

a dash of kindness

a whip of generosity

and nothing more.


Christiana (4MC)

Kindness fills everyone’s heart with love

kindness is the answer to everything

Everyone needs kindness


Chloé (5B)

If someone is being mean

be kind to them and maybe they will be kind back


Everybody has a little good in them

We all deserve a second chance


Kindness follows you everywhere

Kindness can solve almost any problem


Lamys (3M)

The Plea of Kindness


I plead to myself

on this very day

to try to be kind

in every way

to every person

big or small

I will help them

if they fall

When I love myself

and others too

that is the best

that I can do


Simona (4D)

Kindness is all around you

Kindness is in you

Kindness plays with you all the time


Let kindness be your friend

and generosity be your shadow.


Kloe (4M)

 When a new pupil comes to your school, give them generosity.

Love is around you so you should share it with the world

It is only kindness that ties your shoes, zip up your jacket, keeps you warm.

A table of love brings generosity to your heart.

Lois (6P)

Everybody has kindness, sometimes you just need help to find it

We have to hope that you have generosity enough to look for it.

Generosity is a must.

Where’s your kindness?

In your bag? In your pocket? No, it’s in your heart.



Generosity is everywhere

Generosity is every weather

Generosity is every year,

every day,

every hour,

every minute

and even every second.


Maya (3I)

Generosity is everywhere.

You can find it in a shop or a house

everywhere you want to go everyone has the generosity

and you can find it in them.

Generosity is amazing.


Kleo (3M)

Generosity is the answer to everything. In the playground I see people holding hands.



You have to be happy with kindness

Generosity is the answer to things we don’t know

Normally in the underground there are people begging for kindness

The echo of music comes to you and hits you with familiarity

The song says, ‘Kill him with kindness’

I say, Generosity is your life.

Everybody has kindness, they just need help to find it

Life is full of generosity.




I rise up from the underground at Victoria


Upstairs you walk

a queen you see

upon her head

a crown glistens and gleams

Ancient she is

Her life was long

She is well known

from far and beyond

Connected to the railway

is her body and heart.


Martyna (5S)


Kindness can be in different parts of our body.

Generosity is spread around the world


You don’t need to deserve, for kindness

Everyone has a bit of generosity inside themselves.


Matilda/Adam/others who didn’t manage to write a poem themselves…?



I rise up from the underground at Oxford Circus


There are coffee shops, Starbucks, a cinema and a Christmas tree,

tour buses, cars and lorries, busy shops and bus stops,

Designer labels, window decorations, shopping bags and music playing.

Loads and loads of people, too many crowds and noise

I don’t know where to go.


Ayaan (5S)


Generosity is the answer to things you don’t know

Kindness and generosity can take you to different places.

Beggars on the street don’t just ask for money,

they ask for kindness –

so at least we should try to fulfil their dreams.


Generosity is the echo that comes back from someone who is alone.

Answers are revealed behind generosity and kindness

Out of the mirror if you are alone you will see someone who is always by your side


Generosity and kindness aren’t just words,

they are qualities that can change and flip the whole world around.


Your body is made out of kindness.


Matilda/Adam/others who didn’t manage to write a poem themselves…?



I rise up from the underground at Temple

a big temple

surrounded by a river

a temple with a minister inside

Crowds of people

Temple of prayer

a decorated temple

This is a City with many temples.


Kindness and generosity together can make big things and can make changes in our lives.

Rise up from the underground here,

at the stop called ‘Generosity’

No ticket necessary, it’s free!


Our hearts, and minds and arms are open and ready to welcome you.