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Year 3 Curriculum Map – 2014-2015 Year 3 Curriculum Plan – Summer Term


Summer Term

During the summer term, children in years 3-6 had Enterprise week. During the week, Year 3 designed and made items to sell and to raise money for their year group. Year 3 chose to make food and drinks. We decided to call our company ‘Tropical Treasures’ and to sell all things fruity and tropical. The three items we made and sold were tropical fruit cocktails, fruit kebabs and fruit jellies.

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The whole year group really enjoyed making all the products, advertising the items and selling them. Overall, Year 3 made £130.86 profit!

I enjoyed making the fruit jellies and selling them to other children in the school.’ Tia 3RM

I really enjoyed selling the items and counting the money and change.’ Mohammed 3RM


Spring Term

In the Spring term, Year 3 went on a school trip to The British Museum. The children have been learning about The Ancient Egyptians as part of their History topic. The children really enjoyed visiting the museum and looking around different exhibitions on The Ancient Egyptians.

In the afternoon, the children had a workshop on Ancient Egyptians and the afterlife. At the workshop, everyone learnt about the different Egyptians Gods and beliefs on the afterlife. It was a great trip, everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt new information.

‘I enjoyed looking at The Ancient Egyptian mummies and artefacts’ said Tarik 3RM.

‘I really liked going to the workshop and trying on the different masks’ said Seyitcem 3RM.

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