Pollock – Nursery News


Nursery Summer Highlights 2018.


In April, the Nursery children made cucumber sandwiches and cups of tea to celebrate the Royal Wedding. We had a tea party outside in the garden.

Nia: “The sandwiches was good and lovely.”

Zayn: “We drinked tea with cucumber sandwich and chocolate chip biscuits.”

Emma: “The royal wedding was very good because she was a princess. I watched the wedding in my home.”

Solomon: “Prince Harry got married, so we had cucumber sandwiches and tea and biscuits.”


On the hottest day of the year so far, the Nursery children had a class trip to Broomfield Park! We all had so much fun, playing with our friends in the lovely sunshine. All the parents and carers also enjoyed themselves. It was lovely for the parents to see how their children interact with their Nursery peers. The children were all very well-behaved, although there were many tired faces the next day in Nursery!

Sonny: “I liked it when I went on the big slide because I went down it so fast.”

Charlie: “I liked going on the ladder ‘cos I like ladders.”

Zayna: “I had crisps and a biscuit and a popsicle, and a drink that was orange.”

Etienne: “It was hot and sunny at the park, and it made the slide and the things hot.”

Zakaria: “The swing went up and down. My Mum pushed me. And I went on the slide.”

Martyna: “I liked the swings because my Mum pushed me and she pushed me more higher.”

Joyce: “I go on the slide and the swing with Princess. Princess went on the baby swing because she was too little for the big swing.”