Pollock – Nursery News


Nursery Spring Highlights 2018.

In Nursery we try to do some cooking
every week. Some of the things we have cooked this term include popcorn,
vegetable soup, pasta, pancakes, pizza and chocolate Easter nests.

Rafael: “I was making pizza. I like
pizza. Cheese and ketchup. And I did put some corns on.”

Sena: “Cooking.”

Zara: “I cook the pancake. I put
chocolate spread on my pancake. And I eat it. And it was good and nice.”

Stella: “I made a smiley face on my
pizza. I used some pepper for the eyes and the mouth. I eated it for dinner. It
tasted good.”

Solomon: “I had carrot. I had to peel
the peel off and cut it with a knife. The soup was delicious.”

Eddie: “I put chocolate on my pancake,
and it was delicious.”

Mrs Hill and Clare brought our new
goats into our class to visit. We also went outside to look at the chickens and
the pigs, and we were pleased to see the goats outside in their pen. Sadly, the
pigs did not come out to see us, we think they were too busy sleeping!

Ruben: “I was stroking the goat. He
has water and hay.”

Jack: “The goats had to stay in their
hands, so that’s why they can’t run away.”

Holly: “I said ‘hello’ to the
chickens, because it’s so nice if you say ‘hello’.”

Zack: “The goats were playing, and
they ran to the house.”