Year 5 Curriculum Plan


Swimming at Arnos Grove Pool


Every week Friday morning, 5B are always excited to go swimming at our local swimming pool. During their first lesson, it was impressive to see how many of the non-swimmers were eager to jump in and learn! The determination from everyone in 5B is wonderful to see as most have worked hard to achieve their yellow and green ribbon which is a wonderful achievement. Others are getting closer and closer to reaching their own personal goal of being comfortable and confident in the water. 

Zane- “I love it When we get to do laps over and over again in the pool, because I try to improve my speed each time!”.

Talya- “I liked it when we wore our pyjamas, as we know how to save someone when they are in danger”.


Class Assembly

5B performed their class assembly about the importance of kindness and friendship on Friday 17th November 2017. The children took creative control over their assembly by selecting the songs to perform with actions, writing their own diary entries and behaviour letters which they were all keen to share with everyone. They practised and rehearsed extremely hard and put on a wonderful performance which made everyone very proud!

Rojin- “I like that I could read out my work from literacy and share with everyone what we have been doing in class!”

Romeo- “I like how we got to involve the audience and teachers and everyone could sing along to the Bruno Mars song”.

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