Autumn Term 2015 RC News

Autumn Term

We have all enjoyed so much in our first term in Reception at Highfield Primary School. We have all made lots of new friends, and have been continuing along our learning journey, with many exciting activities.





Lachlan: “I love playing with the dominoes and with my friends because it’s fun.”

Sindi: “Playing with my friends makes me happy because I need to have a friend.”

Sophia: “Learning at school is good because it makes you more clever and happy.”

Emily: “If you learn Maths and English you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll remember your Maths and English when you’re big and you’ll remember your friends at school.”

We have all had the opportunity to join in with cooking activities this term.

Haaris: “I loved it when I was doing cooking because it’s good to make cakes so we can eat them and get bigger and stronger.”

Amaan: “I put sugar in and I decorated the gingerbread man with raisins.”

Suheyla: “We had to mix the ingredients.”

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