Autumn Term 2015 2I News

Autumn Term

Autumn has been a busy term for 2I. We have really enjoyed our topic, London Calling, and produced some amazing models, posters and books! Ours is a new class and we enjoyed taking the plastic off of the new chairs, “I enjoyed being the first to sit on the chair that no-one else had sat on before!” Tayla.






Chris Ofili is our class artist. We reproduced his famous artwork, Third Eye Vision. We created the work using collage and pointillist techniques. The final part of the work included creating an eye and painting it. “I liked doing art. We coloured in and used tea to make an eye. Chris Ofili used elephant dung!”

In November our Religious Education topic was Diwali. We learnt about the significance of the festival and how it is celebrated. We even had a Diwali day, where each class moved to a different room and did a different activity. We created rangoli patterns, prepared sweets and made divas out of clay. “It was fun decorating our divas. At the end of our fantastic Diwali Day parents came in and had a look at our work.

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