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Summer Term.

Year 4 Curriculum Plan – Summer Term

The Highfield Underground

On Friday 13th October, 4MC performed our class assembly, The Highfield Underground.  In drama, we had learnt how to create our tube train through mime and this is how we began. Then, we described local places that we had visited, and added them to our ‘imaginary’ Highfield line.  We sang a version of the Monkees’ song, Last Train to Clarkesville, but changed it to Last Train to Highfield. We also wrote and performed the Mind the Gap rap.  The audience loved our assembly and were really engaged.  Two weeks later, on our trip to the Postal Museum, we performed our Mind the Gap rap three times!

‘’When Stanley and Eren started to talk about Jump In the audience screamed with excitement,’’ remembered Stefan.

‘’The best part of the assembly was when we talked about each station on the Highfield line,’’ explained Marli.

‘’The assembly was perfect and really good fun,’’ said Senih proudly.


The Cockfosters and Southgate Synagogue

 On Thursday 2nd November, we travelled to the Cockfosters and Southgate Synagogue as we had been learning about Judaism.  Inside the synagogue, there were two spaces for worship. In the smaller space Rabbi Epstein explain to us how Jewish people pray and what is important to them, while we took notes. In the larger area, the Rabbi sang a part of the Torah, the Jewish Religious book or scroll. Everyone enjoyed learning facts about Judaism and speaking to Rabbi Epstein. 

‘’The synagogue was very exciting to visit and learn about,’’ Said Ciwan.

‘’I loved it at the synagogue as we learnt a huge amount of information about the Jewish faith,’’ explained Zak

‘’As we stepped inside the synagogue we were silent and respectful,’’ remembered Hayrunisa.





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