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  Year 1 Curriculum Plan

 1J Highlights


On Thursday 8th March, 1J looked absolutely amazing when they dressed up as their favourite book characters for World Book Day.   The children took turns in class to talk about the character they had dressed as and said why they had chosen to dress up as that particular character.

“I have come as Angelina the ballerina because I love the book and I want to be a ballerina when I am older.” Scarlett said

 We were extremely lucky to have an illustrator visit us in school.  She read us one of the stories she had written and illustrated called ‘Immi’ and talked about her drawings.  We had great fun when we were allowed to act out her story as she read to us. 

“I liked the book ‘Immi’. It was a lovely story about an eskimo.” Jonny said

On Friday 23rd March the Year 1 children and staff took a trip back in time when they spent the day as Victorian school children and teachers. Everyone came into school dressed in fantastic costumes.  The girls dressed in their long skirts, dresses, bonnets and hats and boys were dressed in waist coats, shirts and short trousers, flat caps.

 We learnt what it was like to live in the Victorian era and what a typical Victorian school day was like.

 “I don’t think that I would have liked going to school in the Victorian time.” Olivia said

 “I enjoyed learning about the different types of transport the Victorian used to travel.” Noah said

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