Year 1 Curriculum Plan


1J’s Autumn Term Highlights


1J have had a very busy and exciting start to the new school year.   All of the children were thrilled at the end of the term when they were lucky enough to have a visit from Image Musical Theatre and were able to watch the amazing performance of Hansel and Gretel which they all thoroughly enjoyed.   To continue the Christmas spirit we were also lucky enough to be invited to the Reception Nativity performance which brought back memories for the Year 1 children and was performed so well. 

“I can remember doing the Nativity last year and everyone watching.” Jonny said.  

Once again the children in 1J were not disappointed when Father Christmas and his little Elves came to Highfield!   The boys and girls of 1J were very excited when they were all given the opportunity to visit Father Christmas in his Grotto, tell him their wishes for Christmas, receive a present and have their photo taken with Santa. 

“Wow this is amazing! It’s so beautiful, like magic!” said Mia

“I love Christmas, but you have to be very good for Santa to visit – he won’t leave presents if you’ve been naughty.” Jet said

“It is so kind of Father Christmas to come to see us at school and bring presents every year.” said Yaren

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