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Spring Term 5D News

5D have had a superb Spring term and are working extremely hard in all subjects!

International day

On Friday 24th February, Highfield celebrated International Day! All classes celebrate a different country. Children were taught a range of different activities within their phase groups, celebrating countries across the globe! In 5D, we chose the country Italy to explore. We listened to Italian music and explored the Italian city of Venice! We learnt that each year, Venice hosts the Carnival of Venice and people decorate and wear Venetian masks during the carnival! It was a fantastic day where we also learnt about India, USA, China and Botswana!

“I really enjoyed learning about my country (Italy) and enjoyed being taught by different teachers during the day!” – Alberto, 5D.

“I loved learning about different countries. Parisa, 5D.

“I really enjoyed learning about China in particular, when we found out which year of the animal we were!” – Eleni, 5D.

“The food after school was amazing! I have become more confident in trying different foods and look forward to it next year!” – Sila, 5D.


Art workshop with Artis

On Monday 20th March, 5D were lucky enough to work with Artis and be chosen to do a art workshop. We looked at a range of different pieces of art by artists throughout time. We then looked at examples of Seurat’s work and in particular, his style of painting, known as pointillism. We then created our own 3-dimensional flowers to create our own bouquet of flowers.


“I really enjoyed using our imaginations to create our own flowers!” – Ediz, 5D.

“My favourite part about the workshop was when we were trying to find shapes in different paintings!” – Gul, 5D.

“I enjoyed looking at all of the famous artworks!” – Isabella, 5D.

“I enjoyed making the flowers and working with my friends!” – Sara, 5D.






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