Pupil Leaders (Old)

 At Highfield we believe it is important that the children feel part of the school community and that their opinions and ideas are valued. We give class representatives responsibilities to help us continue to improve Highfield.


Class School Council Buddies Eco Council
3C Mason, Julia    
3M Zak, Melina    
3MB Isaac, Tayla    
4D Radi, Rojin    
4M Kaan, Kauthar    
5T Keiran, Felicity    
5D  Oliver, Anastasia    
5S Dilan, Qadijo    
6K Kieran, Islimada, Christvie, Yekta    
6W Billy, Raisa, Deborah, Abir    


Mini Mentors  


Walking Not Talking Monitors  


Year 6 Anti bullying ambassadors  



Playground Buddies

What do Playground Buddies  do?  Click here 



Team Captains

Team Simmonds



Team Ennis



Team Farah



Team Weir



Team Captains are required to complete a written application for the position.  Successful applicants are interviewed by Ms Tipping. From this process a Captain and Vice Captain are chosen to represent each of the four school teams.

Their role is to promote the values of the school, to organise inter-school competitions and to ensure fairness for those within their team.  So far this year team captains have run whole school assemblies, written and delivered powerpoints to the rest of their teams, run a competition to design a new shield for their team, and redesigned the team points system at the school ensuring that it is fair. They are responsible for collecting team points,  attending regular meetings and organising charity events.

During the year it is hoped that they will assist in sports week, run an inter-school sports competition and be positive role models for the rest of the school.