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  Year 5 Curriculum Plan

5S Term Highlights

British Science Week 2018

Monday 12th-16th March.


Throughout Science week, 5S used oil pastels to design the galaxy and used it as a template to construct their own constellation viewers, which were beautiful! They also created their own 3D model to represent how the Earth orbits around the sun, whilst the moon orbits the Earth. They had the opportunity to showcase their amazing work at our very own ’Highfield Science Museum’ on Friday 16 th March. At the museum, Year 5 had the chance to make circuits using a range of materials; they could complete an engineering LEGO challenge; instruct and move electronic robots; research surprising facts on the Nikon Uniscale app.


Sport at Winchmore Secondary School

Monday 26th February

5S were invited to Winchmore Secondary School for a dance workshop, led by the dance ambassadors, who used this opportunity to develop their creativity, leadership and communication skills. It was great to see all children learning a combination of movements and set routines in partners and small groups. The best part of the morning was witnessing 5S express their own creative moves during the freestyle session. 

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