Year 5 Curriculum Plan

5S Autumn Term Highlights

5S Class Highlights

5S have had a great term with many highlights including the visit to the Science Museum, Swimming, Red Nose Day, Robin Mobbs visit, World Book Day and many more.

World Book Day

The children really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character. Javaya, 5S, said that she enjoyed seeing what everyone else had dressed up as. They also enjoyed looking at the staff’s outfits and guessing the theme (villains) which some of the staff based their outfits around. We also wrote book reviews on our favourite book which are now proudly displayed in our classroom.

Robin Mobbs Visit

This term, we were visited by Robin Mobbs, a lead eductator, from the National Space Academy. We learnt lots of interesting facts about Space that we didn’t know. Baqir learnt that you can colour water in Space with a felt tip pen. Monika learnt how you go to the toilet in Space and Beatrice learnt that if you cry in Space there will be a big bubble under your eye. Robin then visited Year 5 and we got to hold pieces of the moon and Mars and part of a satellite.

Ancient Greek Day

The Ancient Greek day was a huge success. The children dressed up in Ancient Greek attire and participated in a workshop where we were transported back in time to Ancient Greece. We then tasted food that the Ancient Greeks would have eaten and had to solve a mystery by looking for clues in evidence.  Mario learnt that Spartans threw babies off cliffs. Anissa and Mario particularly enjoyed tasting the Greek cuisine.






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