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  Reception Curriculum Plan

RT Spring Highlights


RT were very lucky to have one of our parents who is a Music Therapist come in and run a music session. We all enjoyed listening to the flute and guitar. We even had a go at playing the bells and ‘making noise’!   

Andreas: “I liked about when we sung the rainbow colour song with those bells.”

Minnie: “I liked the singing because my Daddy sings to me too the sunshine song when we go home.”

Aras: “The guitar was my favourite because I have never seen a guitar before.”

 Farm Shop

RT had an exciting delivery and helped to build our new puppet theatre and shop. We decided to turn it into a Farm shop because we have been reading ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and learning about foods that come from a farm and the animals. 

Adam: “We screwdrivered it with our screw because we were building it so it doesn’t fall down.”

Izzy: “We had to wear a helmet to build it because builders do… we used hammers.”

Lorraine: “Our Farm shop is for shopping to get some food. The milk comes the cows and the vegetables grow on stalks or leaves outside of the farm so they need some sun to grow”.

William: “I think its makes lots of healthy foods and it’s fun to play at.” 

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