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  Reception Curriculum Plan

RT Summer Highlights


Royal Tea Party

Reception had a Royal Wedding Tea Party to celebrate the marriage of Harry and Megan. RT helped prepare the party food and went to Sainsbury to buy ingredients to make sandwiches and salad.  We also made flags and bunting to celebrate the special occasion. Great fun was had by all! 

Orgita: “I liked the eating. I loved the strawberries.”

Afra: “The jam was very sweet. I love it.”

Dahen: “We made healthy salad and I really liked the oat cookies!”

Ayshe: “We did learning about the Royal Family. I like the Queen.”


International Day

RT had an exciting International Day and enjoyed being Tanzania. We learnt about the animals we would see on safari and even went on a ‘Lion Hunt’ of our own and sang songs ‘Driving through Safari’. We also visited France and Sri Lanka where we painted flags, ate croissant and sang songs.

Noomi: “I liked singing Frere Jacques on the big playground.”

Sebastien: “We got to go on a Lion hunt and go through lots of stuff! We found the lion in the tree but it was only a puppet!”

Tamara: “I get to paint the flags.”

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