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Christmas Jumper day

RT were very excited on our Christmas jumper day! We went to visit the Christmas market in the canteen and we spoke about why we were wearing our jumpers. 

Elizabeth: “We gave money to the poor children who don’t have money, if they don’t have money then they will feel sad and unhappy.”

Raphaelle: “We went to a Christmas market and bought things with our money, I bought a Christmas tree and a bauble.”

Valentino: “We drew our own jumper, I used a lot of different colours. I drew a Rudolph.”







Every term we go on regular visits to Sainbury’s in small groups to spend our cooking/ sensory play money. We find this very exciting! We take lists that we have written ourselves to check we do not forget anything and we pay at the self-service machine. We also think about road safety while we walk there too. 

Dahen: “We buy stuff so we can bake Gruffalo crumble.”

Elsie: “We all help to carry the basket.”

Noomi: “You pay for the things with money, we use the checkout counter.”

Sebastien: “You have a partner to walk with and you hold their hand. You have to look and listen.”






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