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Reception Curriculum Map – 2014-2015 Reception Curriculum Plan – Autumn Term 15


Summer Term

This term RJ have been very excited learning how plants grow. The children each planted a bean and then watched with great interest as it developed roots, sprouted and grew leaves. At half term the children took their beans home to continue looking after them with tender loving care.

RJSummer15_02 RJSummer15_01





Being extremely interested in this, the children chose to do their class assembly around the story of The Enormous Turnip. This also combined well with one of the School’s values for the term ‘Perseverance’ which the children had been learning about. RJ retold and acted out the story to their parents, carers and to the KS1 and other Reception classes. The children enthusiastically sung songs as they acted out the story. RJ worked extremely hard and were fantastic! Both Miss Johnson and Miss Barnett were very proud indeed of the excellent performance the children had put on for everyone.

Charlie said – “My bean has flowers on it now!” (after he had been looking after it at home).

Isabel said – “I took my bean on holiday with me, so I could look after it every day.”

Amelie said – “I persevered and sung to my bean to help it grow.”

Siana said – “It was fun trying to pull up the turnip, especially when we all fell over!”

Spring Term

RJ thoroughly enjoyed having our resident poet, Cheryl Moskowitz, visit our class and together we created part of the reception poem. Our focus was ‘land’ and we spoke about our families, friends, animals and surroundings. We were very excited when we were asked to present the poem to the whole school. Also this experience inspired some of the children in RJ to make up their own poems.

RJ with Cheryl M





Andrei said “It was fun making actions for the poem.”

Arjan said ”I liked being a tiger with orange stripes and a tail.”

Dru said ”It was fun pretending to be an animal.“

Isabel said “I enjoyed making my own poems afterwards.”

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