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RF News

Visiting Santa’s Grotto

The Friends of Highfield arranged for Santa to visit us here at Highfield! The children were all so excited to see him in his grotto! RF enjoyed telling Santa what presents they really wanted for Christmas and they all replied “YES” when asked if they had been good this year!

Phoebe: “We loved seeing Santa!”

Isla: “We all got a present from Santa and when I opened it on Christmas Day it was some paints.”

Nyah: “We was all with Santa and he said Merry Christmas Nyah. Ho ho ho!”

Making Friends in our new class

We all settled really well into our new class and have made lots of new friends. We are enjoying learning and working together.

Megi: “Me and Bentli-Rae are reading together.”

Bentl-Rae: “Reading a dinosaur book and sharing it with Megi.”

Alexander: “Me, Isla and Dylan are playing with the Duplo and we made the Duplo into a roller coaster so the animals could go on it.”

Dylan: “I am playing with my new friends.”

Phoebe: “We were playing a game together.”

Omar: “We was guessing what the sound was from the pictures and seeing if we were right.”

Oliver: “I was building a puzzle game with Vittorio and Omar and Phoebe.”

Molly: “I was pretending to cut Zilan’s hair. She is my new friend.”

Zilan: “I am really happy with Molly. She is my best friend every day.”


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