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  Year 4 Curriculum Plan – Summer Term

 Spring Term 4D News

World Book Day.

In celebration of World Book Day, we came to school dressed as our favourite story
book characters. There were kindly witches and fairytale princesses; ugly
sisters and young wizards; clumsy explorers and Mesopotamian cats. We stood in turn
to introduce our characters and to debate which were the most inspirational. Many
votes were cast for Harry Potter and Hermione Granger but there were also
strong arguments made for the villains of children’s fiction: Without them,
stories would be so much less exciting!

we split into four teams for a game of Pictionary. With titles both modern and
classic, we raced against the clock to pick up as many points as possible.
Highlights included Aisha’s drawing of Matilda and Tobias’s sketch of the Lion,
the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In the final moments, Chris’ team snatched victory
from their closest rivals to win by 4 points to 3.

Science Week.

In class we marked Science Week with a carousel of Engineering activities. We began with paper bridges and the challenge was to turn a single A4 sheet into a deck

strong enough to support a 500g load. Some children tried to create arches;
others went for box-girders; but the concertinaed-designs proved the strongest
and most stable.

We then
applied our learning to towers and viaducts. When building towers, many
children realised that the centre of gravity had to be kept low with a wide and
solid base. A number of designs resembled the Empire State building and the
tallest reached 86cm! Our viaducts were less successful but they did use
triangles for added strength.

In the
afternoon, we researched the Bloodhound SSC. With its aerodynamic design, and
135,000 horsepower engine, the Bloodhound SSC can reach speeds of 1000 miles
per hour and is set to challenge the world land speed record. It travels so
quickly that it uses a parachute to help it brake!

We also
investigated the effects of friction upon the pulling force needed to move a
3.5kg brick. First we dragged the brick across the carpet, then bubble wrap; a
smooth tabletop, cylindrical felt-tip pens, a Lego cart, and a plastic sheet
lubricated with washing up liquid. The uneven surface of the bubble-wrap
generated the greatest friction while the washing-up liquid allowed the brick
to glide smoothly.

Our final
investigation was into hydraulics and pneumatics. Through syringes, we explored
the compression of liquids and gases and learnt that a force applied at one end
of a system could do work at another. After learning key terms, we studied
diagrams of hydraulic lifts, diggers, and car-braking systems, and designed our
own simple hydraulic machines.

done to all our budding engineers!


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