Year 4 Curriculum Plan – Summer Term

 Spring Term 4D News

4D’s Class Assembly.
This autumn, we have been learning about the history of coal mining in Britain. Though the industry has now collapsed, it once employed more than a million men and despite the dangers, it was not uncommon for children to join their fathers in the pits. To improve our understanding of the miner’s experience, we analysed pictorial and written sources from the 19th century, and interviews and news broadcasts from the 20th century. On the last Friday before half term, we shared our knowledge in our class assembly. With props and costumes inspired by the industrial north, we read excerpts from our English books and danced to songs by Johnny Cash and Status Quo. For many parents and teachers, it was a trip down memory lane. An excellent performance – well done to everyone.

Living Things and their Habitats.

Late in October, we visited the school’s wildlife reserve to study invertebrates in their natural habitats. Armed with clip boards and a camera, we made notes on young oak trees and ash, mature sycamore and pine trees. We found woodlice hiding in mounds of loose earth and spiders guarding silky nests on the underside of wooden pallets. The bee hotels were empty but the long, damp grass was full of garden snails and slugs’ eggs.

Back in class, we thought about the changes that will take place as late autumn turns to winter. Gabriel spoke about hibernation and migration; Yasmin explained that the deciduous trees will lose their leaves; and Renis predicted that the drop in temperature will lead to the death of insects and amphibians. We will return in early January to test our predictions.






Christmas Dioramas.

In the week before Christmas, we recycled old shoe boxes and turned them into festive nativity scenes. Paint and glitter were used for the night sky, construction card for the stable; and felt for the figures. Everyone had the opportunity to experiment with cutting tools and sticking materials, and skills of cooperation and communication were paramount. Owing to our hard work and shared vision, our final pieces turned out brilliantly!

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