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1P become
Victorians for a day!

We stepped foot into the past on Victorian day. As part of
our History topic this term we have been learning about the Victorian Era. We
have absolutely loved this topic and learnt so much about how Britain has
changed. On Friday 23rd March we dressed up as Victorians and we all
looked fantastic! When we came into the classroom we were quick to notice that
the tables had been re-arranged into rows (just like a Victorian School).
Shortly after, we took part in the drill exercises, the children loved this
activity and were extremely focused and responsive! In addition, Miss Petais
checked the state of the children’s hands and shoes, the children found this
very comical! The learning which took place on this day included, reciting the
multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and handwriting. As a class we worked together to make
a book about Victorian Britain, we included, Victorian Clothing, Victorian
Schools, Transport, Toys, Victorian Artefacts and Jobs.

‘Today has been so much fun…school was SO different in the
Victorian Times.’ (Rajan)

‘I’m happy girls can go to school now and have any job that
they want, not like the Victorian Times.’ (Maryam)

‘We are lucky we have electricity now to wash and dry our
clothes.’ (Theo)

‘I’m happy that we can travel by car now and aeroplanes so
we can go on holiday.’ (Flo)


World Book Day!

This term we celebrated World Book Day by coming into school
dressed up as our favourite book character. We began our day by introducing
ourselves to our friends and explained why we chose to be this character and
described our character using interesting adjectives. We all brought in the
story our character is in and discussed what the story is about, named the
author of the story and explained which part was our favourite. We read the
story of ‘Inni’ by Karin Littlewood who came to visit Highfield in the same
week. Throughout the day we wrote a book review about our favourite story and
played an alphabet game which encouraged us to answer questions about the
importance of reading.

‘I read with my mummy at home.’ Morteza

‘My favourite books are non-fiction books because I like to
learn new things about the world.’ Farida

‘It’s important to read because we learn new words.’ (Alice)

‘I love reading in Guided Reading because I’m getting so
much better at reading with expression.’ (Deniz)

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