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Autumn News 2017 – 1P


Our Inter Faith Festival

During Interfaith Week we learnt about Hinduism and Christianity and focused on how the religions are similar. We had our own festival and tried different foods eaten by both cultures, such as delicious samosas and fresh bread. We also explored the clothes that they wear and the different places of worship which they attend. In addition to this, we discussed how the religions celebrate festivals by dancing, singing, eating and praying. Once again, reinforcing how the religions share similarities between them during different festivals throughout the year. To end this unit of work we worked in small groups to design and create our own place of worship.

‘I loved trying on the different Indian dresses and dancing.’ (Amara)

‘These pakoras are so tasty.’(Morteza)

‘I chose for my place of worship to have statues, a place to put your shoes and stain glass windows.’ (Flynn)

Making beautiful Poetry!

This term we have been lucky enough to make beautiful poetry with our poet in residence. We created a Christmas themed poem using our five senses to think about what could be inside a stocking. We firstly shared ideas about what might go inside a class stocking and then the children individually described a toy inside their own stocking. The poems we made were then sold at the Highfield Christmas Market Charity event for Save the Children. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in creating these poems, reading their poems back and listening to their friend’s poems.

‘Cheryl helped us make our poems sound even more amazing.’ (Farida)

‘I wanted my poem to have adjectives, rhyming words and alliteration.’ (Jasper)

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