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  Year 2 Curriculum Plan

2B Class Highlights


2B have had a very exciting Spring term. They have worked extremely hard to learn the lines, songs and dances for their class assembly themed on ‘imagination’. 2B really enjoyed practicing the songs for the assembly and creating their own dance moves which added to the fun!  Their retelling of ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson was a highlight and the children were very proud of themselves, as were their parents and carers.


“I practiced all of the songs and dances at home so that I would be amazing at them for the assembly.” Leon

“Our assembly is really good and I remembered my line.” Dareen

“My favourite part was being Tiddler because he had a lot of lines to say and I got to swim around on the stage.” Georgie


2B really enjoyed our ‘Tomorrow’s World’ topic day when their challenge was to work as a group to create their own invention with the starting point of a cardboard box! They worked brilliantly in teams, sharing out jobs, ideas and strategies for creating their inventions. The children then presented their ideas to the rest of the class and answered their questions. I was impressed with the ideas they came up with, ranging from time machines to futuristic TV’s!


“I made a time machine and if you press the different buttons it can take you to the World Wars, The Great Fire of London or to the dinosaurs.” Eleftherios.

“My group made a robot TV and you can watch whatever you want inside it. It has a flag to tell you that it is a good guy and lasers that it can shoot to protect you from any dinosaurs that come near.” Mert


Another highlight of this term was our trip to the Science Museum. We went on the train and this was an exciting experience, especially for some of the children who had never been on a tube train before! At the Science Museum 2B took part in an interactive session where they got to experience different aspects of living and working in space. They really enjoyed helping to solve a problem on the space station by observing, describing, testing and selecting materials and equipment to build a space suit. We all had a wonderful day but were very tired when we got back to school!


“It was so cool to see all of the space rockets and things that have been in space!” Laert

“I really like going on the trains. They go very quick.” Julian

“The best part of the day was when we got to help build the space suit!” Violet

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