Year 2 Curriculum Plan


AutumnTerm 2B News


It has been a very busy term in Year 2! The children have really enjoyed exploring the topic ‘going underground’ and had the opportunity to create their own underground land in Geography. They created their own map with a key so that other children could explore the land they had created. “In my underground land there are so many different features and my favourite is the farm.” (Robin). “We went into the playground so that we could imagine our new land and I helped my group design symbols to use in our map.” (Lily).

2B really enjoyed taking part in their Diwali RE Day this term. They got the chance to make Rama and Sita characters using pegs and original Rangoli patterns. Also as part of the day the children each made their own colourful Diwali sweets by mixing icing sugar and water together and adding in a few drops of their chosen colours. After the mix was made they then shaped it into the design they wanted and left it to set. At the end of the day 2B couldn’t wait to take their crafts home and show them to their parents and carers. “I made really delicious Diwali sweets and I can’t wait to eat them afterschool!” (Leon). “My favourite thing was making the Rangoli patterns because we got to choose the colours we wanted to use.” (Violet).






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