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  Year 2 Curriculum Plan

2B Class Highlights


2B have had a very exciting Summer term. They really enjoyed their trip to Woodcroft Wildspace where they had the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities. They went on a bug search through the long grass and field, identified a range of plants and they favourite by far was pond dipping! They found a wide range of animals whilst pond dipping ranging from water snails to newts.  


“We saw water snail in the pond and it was really slimy.” Can

“We found some woodlice under the tree log and we looked at they in a special pot.” Mert

“My favourite part was seeing the spit from the insects on the grass because I thought it was real spit but then I saw yellow bits inside.” Isabelli


2B really enjoyed International Day on Friday 6th July. 2B’s country was Vietnam and the children all had fun dressing up in red and yellow to represent the colours on the Vietnamese flag. They made their own Vietnamese hat with images of Vietnam on them. 2B also loved learning the 2 songs for International Day, one that we sang as a whole school and the other we sang in Greek with the rest of Year 2. We even thought of our own actions to the song!


“I really liked learning the Greek song because I am Greek and I could help all of the other children in my class.” Leon

“The ‘We are unity’ song was my favourite because I liked learning the actions as well.” Violet


Sports Day was a fantastic day that was enjoyed by all of 2B. They showed great sportsmanship throughout all of the activities, cheering on every member of their team. The class favourite was the relay shuttle runs where the teams were all desperate to win!


“I wanted to win all of my races but it didn’t matter if I didn’t win if I tried my best.” Georgie

“I really liked the hoop race because you got to do lots of different things and then run all of the way back!” Eleftherios



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