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  Year 6 Curriculum Plan

Year 6 highlights 6P

SATs week

Year 6 have enjoyed a great last year. In May they had their SATs which came after many months of preparation and was a culmination of all their hard work during their time at Highfield. Year 6 were amazing during the week of SATs they were calm and confident and all worked their hardest throughout the week- well done Year 6.

Beatrice in 6P said, ‘When I started Year six I was pretty scared because I was going to have my SATs but in the end I realised that there was nothing to worry about because SATs were unexpectedly easy and actually I enjoyed doing then, they were really fun.’


Activity week

During the week of 25th-29th June children in Year 6, who were not away on the residential trip, had an entertaining week trying out different activities. They had great fun making slime; which contained glitter, sequins and many other surprising ingredients! On 28th June they had a brilliant day out at Kidzania in West London. The children were able to take part in a variety of activities including being a Fire Person, a shop keeper or selecting different activities like the climbing walls.  By taking part in different jobs the children were able to earn KidZo money throughout the day and were able to spend this in the shop for real items– however the Year 6 staff were very impressed by how many children banked their money and came home with their very own KidZania debit card instead! The children were wonderfully behaved and returned to school tired but happy after a great trip out.

Daniel in 6P said, ‘I had great fun making slime, we used some strange ingredients including contact lens solution, but it looked great in the end.’ 

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