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6P Class Highlights

Class Highlights

Author visit

Year 6 were delighted with an exciting and enthralling afternoon when author, Philip Womack visited them in March. Philip is author of numerous books including The Broken King and The King’s Shadow. 6P were treated to an excerpt from Philip’s new book which is based on Greek myths. As part of the afternoon Philip also took the children through different stimulating writing activities; including developing their own character and describing an everyday event with an unlikely twist. The children produced some great ideas and were very inspired by meeting a published author-we look forward to the day when perhaps one of our current year 6 come back to visit Highfield as an author.


Dilan in 6P said, “He was really looking forward to writing his own mystery story.”


Science week

6P had the opportunity to take part in lots of investigations during science week. Year 6 were looking at the topic of light and were able to find out about different light sources, how light travels and how we see things. 6P used all the knowledge they had amassed during the week to investigate how periscopes work; they were then able to use this knowledge to make their own periscopes. At the end of the week 6P were really excited to visit the Highfield Science museum where they were extremely impressed with all the exhibits and were delighted to see their own periscopes.  


Christian in 6P said, “He like using the periscope to see round corners.”

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