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Fossil Work shop

Year 6 had a wonderful and insightful time during their Fossil Day. They travelled back millions of years to investigate the creatures found in Triassic times and examined the characteristics of ‘modern’ day dinosaurs found 6 million years ago in the Quaternary period. The day was led by palaeontologist Dr Helen who brought in lots of artefacts for the children to examine, she even had real fossils the children were able to observe and try to classify. The children were particularly amazed by the giant dinosaur skull and the half dinosaur-half bird known as Archaeopteryx. In the afternoon the children played a fun game of evolution and adaptation to see if they could evolve from a blob to a bird! The day enabled the children to bring all their learning from their science topic to life and gave them a deeper understanding of the topic evolution and adaptation.

‘It was such a fun day. There were so many facts and fun activities. I loved trying to pick up food with different sized beaks.’  Kiana

‘I thought it was a great day. I learnt so many new things. The evolution experiment was great.’ Tatiana



What a magnificent afternoon Year 6 experienced watching the enthralling performance of Whizz! Children from Winchmore Hill secondary school put on a riotous show of singing and dancing, professional enough to rival any West End production. There were witches, wizards and flying monkeys to keep the children entertained and on the edge of their seats all afternoon. The children were delighted to see Dorothy and her friends the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Lion defeat the Wicked Witch of the East whilst singing and dancing their way along the yellow brick road to Oz. The grande finale saw many of Year 6 on their feet dancing and singing along with the cast and we all returned to Highfield full of the amazing performances we had seen. Those children in Year 6 who are hoping to go to Winchmore Hill secondary school promised we would see them up on stage in the performance in a few years-we can’t wait!


‘I loved the singing and dancing. It was amazing.’ Mohamed

I couldn’t sit down-it was so much fun.’ Dilan

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