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  Year 4 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


4M Autumn Class highlight


4M Go Underground

As part of our ‘Going Underground’ topic, 4M visited The Postal Museum in central London. As a class we were very excited to ride the Mail Rail, which is a replica mini train that travels underground through the original tunnels that were used to deliver mail until 2003. During the ride we were entertained by videos and viewed artefacts that were part of the original Mail Rail system.

Afterwards, we took part in an interactive workshop that explained how the Mail rail tunnels were created and why they were needed. Our favourites parts of the workshop were when Paiman was lifted by adults in a sack (to demonstrate how heavy a bag of mail weighed), and when we made a human circuit to pass on an electrical current.

Just before leaving, we had the chance to explore the museum itself where we dressed up in traditional postal uniforms and sent letters using an air chute! A fun time was had by all.

‘I found the trip exciting and amazing! I also liked how you could send your own messages using the air chute.’– Julia

‘I found the tip interesting because we learnt lots of new information about the mail rail. Such as how mail was delivered underground.’- Kloe


Year 4 work with Artist Cath Rive

This term, some children in 4M have been extremely lucky and have worked with Artist Cath Rive every Monday. Each week we have been explored the nature space and have been looking at habitats, leaves and insects that live there. As part of our unit of work we have made our own clay leaf prints, we printed leaves using polystyrene and printing ink and made our own nature maps. We have loved working with Cath and want to thank her for working with us.

‘I look forward to Monday because I know we will have art with Cath’ – Eva



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