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  Year 4 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


4M Class highlight

 The spring term has been very busy for 4M and lots of fun learning opportunities have been had. Read on to find out more.

4M become Romans!

On Thursday 11th January 4M had their Roman Day. The day was filled with fun and started off with Singing the song ‘Just like a Roman’. Following this we had our own fashion show where we strutted down our runway and stuck a pose to Madonna’s ‘Vogue’. Throughout the day we learnt many new facts about the Romans. For example: Did you know the Roman’s stuffed themselves with food at banquets and were often sick?

As part of the day we took part in many interesting activities. We debated whether the roman invasion was positive or negative for Britain, took part in an artefact quiz and watched some very funny and informative videos about Roman life. Our favourite part of the day by far was the banquet. As a class we lay of the floor and ate until we were full. We gorged on traditional roman foods like bread, cheese, olives, grapes, humus and honey cake. Most of us enjoyed the experience of eating with our hands, and liked trying something new. We had a great day for Roman day!

‘Roman Day was exciting! We got to feast on a traditional Roman banquet.’ – Isaac

4M become Junior Piccolo Chefs!

On Wednesday 7th March 4M were very lucky and went to Pizza Express for a pizza making workshop. As soon as they arrived they were sent off to wash their hands, fasten their aprons and wear hats- just like the professionals! During the session the class were given the opportunity to prepare and knead fresh dough, apply a delicious tomato and basil sauce and sprinkle their pizza bases with creamy mozzarella cheese. As our pizza’s baked in the specialised pizza ovens, we took part in a fun quiz about the ingredients we were using. To end the session, we were given certificates declaring us Junior Pizzaiolo chefs and given our own handmade personal pizza!

‘Making pizza was really fun! At the end we got to eat our own creations. It was fantastic!’ -Bart


4M become photographers!

On Friday 9th of March, 4M along with the whole school were very lucky and were given the opportunity to work with educational art company ‘Starsnappers’.  During the workshop the class captured their own self-portraits using a professional digital camera in a full photographic studio that was built in our school! They are now mini experts in camera technology as they learnt about the different pieces of equipment. The workshops were thoroughly enjoyed by 4M, with many children commenting on how fun the workshops were.

‘I really enjoyed Star snappers as we got to wear funny hats and use different backgrounds to take our portraits.’ – Eva


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