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  Year 4 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


4M Class highlight

4M Summer Highlight


4M are Football Heroes!

This term 4M have been very lucky and have worked with Coach Dan. Coach Dan is from the FA skills programme and coached us on how to play a skilled and fast paced game of football. Each session started with Coach Dan introducing a new focus skill and explaining how it was instrumental in playing a successful game of football. During the sessions we were taught different ways of dribbling, defending and shooting the ball to enhance our game play. Throughout each session we played a variety of different games that incorporated the different focus skills, which not only boosted our confidence with the game but also our enjoyment. 4M would like to say a big thank you to Coach Dan for coaching us and to Mrs Lock for organising it.

‘FA Skills sessions with Coach Dan were fun and enjoyable. I really liked learning new skills like dribbling and defending the ball’. –Tayla

4M are explorers!

On the 11th July, 4M became explorers and delved deeper into the natural habitats found at Highfield Primary. We took part in a RSPB Workshop led by Jo, who taught us about how important it is to look after our local habitats. Did you know that at the front of our school there are over 10 different habitats found? During the session we observed insects in their natural surroundings and consulted the RSPB’s ratings for commonly found habitats to see how effective they are providing basic needs. The session was well enjoyed by all, with many of us choosing to continue our learning during lunchtimes and playtimes! We would like to say a big thank you to Jo for delivering the session and to Miss Barton for organising it.

‘I liked how we had the chance to discover local habitats and learning new ways of protecting our environment’. –Isaac

4M go international!

On Friday 6th July Highfield Primary celebrated International day. The day begun with each year group singing a song they had learnt in a different language. In year 4 our language was Chinese and we had spent several weeks preparing for the whole school singing assembly. As part of the day’s events, we learnt about Chinese culture and produced beautiful Willow pattern fans as a craft project. Linked to the World Cup, we also learnt about Russia and produced beautiful replicas of Saint Peter’s square to display. A fun time was had by all, and many new facts were learnt and shared. A big thank you goes to Ms Dawson for organising the day.

 ‘I enjoyed hearing everyone sing international songs which were sung in different languages.’- Jessica

‘It was really fun learning about different cultures and making crafts related to China and Russia’. -Eva


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