Autumn Term 2015 RT News

Autumn Term

RT really enjoyed learning about Autumn and exploring the outdoors. We went on a fun walk to collect natural materials for our Autumn table and sticks like Stanley from the story Stanley’s Stick.

Veer: “I found a good stick for digging.”

Kiani: “Look at those coconuts up in that tree!” -conkers

Oscar: “The Conkers were inside their shell.”

Ben: “The leaves have different colours, brown, green, red and yellow.”

Nelly: “I use ipad to take photos of the trees up high.”






RT were very excited to discover that our outdoor area had been transformed with our very own station and train.

George: “I’m going to London Bridge on the big train and I need my Oyster. I have to use an Oyster to get to my Nana’s house. She lives near Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.”

Qalam: “I’m using the map to go on the coloured trains. I’m going to the big park up there.”

Nouara: “I’m the train lady telling the children where to sit and use the map.”

Orestina: “I need a ticket to go to the zoo. This is the map that tells me where the dinosaur park is.”