Autumn Term 2015 3MB News

Autumn Term

On Thursday 1st October 3MB travelled by train and underground into London. We arrived at Westminster and straight away we saw the towering Big Ben. It was eleven o’clock and we heard it chime. Next we crossed a bridge over the deep rushing River Thames. In front of us was the huge London Eye. ‘I felt scared because I thought it was going to fall on me,’ said Ayaan. ‘It looked stunning,’ said Christiana. Next we collected our tickets and boarded the magnificent wheel. Our pod turned slowly around the centre. It climbed higher and higher. We took photos of London landmarks such as the Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. ‘I felt like I was flying!’ exclaimed Victor. ‘From the top we could see the whole of London,’ remembered Zara. After our ride on the Eye, we marched to the 4D experience. ‘Everything looked like it was coming to life!’ explained Gabrielle.

At last it was lunch time. We ate in the park and then played on the grass. We heard music on the South Bank and the sun was shining on us.

Eventually we returned to school after a fantastic day.

‘It was an amazing experience,’ declared Katie.


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