Autumn Term 2015 3M News

Autumn Term

This term has been very busy with lots of exciting things happening in school to help kick start the year for 3M!

This term we have been very lucky to be working with Squeak who is from the performing arts company Artis. Each week we have lessons with Squeak in the Drama room, where we take part in many fun activities. In the first half term we made our own shadow puppets using card and cellophane, and then we made a shadow puppet film about the story of the ‘Wolves in the Wall’. We worked as a team to make the puppets and showed co-operation and kindness to those who needed help. We found making the film very fun and were excited as it was being shown in our class assembly at the end of the half term! This half term we have been thinking about our science topic of forces, and have been working with Squeak to create a forces dance full of twists, turns, pushes and pulls! We would like to thank Squeak for all her hard work this term and for her fun lessons.

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‘The lessons are fantastic because the lessons are fun!’– Talya

‘The thing I most enjoyed was making the shadow puppets’– Salah

On the 23rd of October we had our class assembly. Our assembly was about our science topic of light. Throughout the term we had been busy learning about the importance of light in Diwali, exploring where light comes from in science, experimenting with shadows during drama lessons with Squeak and writing cinquains about light with Cheryl! We were very excited to share everything we had learnt for the assembly, and were proud to stand on stage ready to perform. We dressed up as the different colours of the colour spectrum and demonstrated how light travels using props we had made. During our assembly we ‘walked on sunshine’ and shared the importance of keeping safe in the sun. We also created the dance routines for the assembly and showed the school the shadow puppet film we made with Squeak. Everyone seemed really impressed with how much we had learnt during such a short space of time!


‘Our assembly was fabulous because we learnt lots of facts.’– Rayan

‘Our assembly was very exciting, because I liked the way the children enjoyed our demonstrations’.- Ahura