Autumn Term 2015 2M News

Autumn Term

This term in English we have been writing information leaflets. We chose to link this to our whole school topic ‘London Calling.’ We researched lots of information about London and learnt lots of facts. As part of the topic, we were very lucky to meet and interview a real tube driver. We learnt that being a tube driver is a very difficult and tiring job. Drivers work long hours in hot, dirty conditions.

As part of our RE topic this term, Year 2 have been learning about Hinduism and the festival Diwali. We had a special day where we celebrated the traditions of Diwali. We drew rangoli patterns using chalk on black paper. Then we used clay to make Diwali lamps. Finally, we made Diwali sweets out of icing sugar. Everyone in Year 2 had a wonderful day and learnt lots of new information about Diwali and Hinduism.

2M were very lucky to work with Highfield’s poet Cheryl this term. Cheryl introduced 2M to the book ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson. We read the book together and then thought about how we could turn the story into a poem. In groups, children wrote a poem based around the story with the help of Cheryl. We then read our poems to each other and performed them. We had a fantastic time!