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  Year 6 Curriculum Plan

 6L Sports

On Monday 25th of June, 6L participated
in their last sports day at Highfields.

The children had an amazing time partaking in
events such as: Javelin, egg and spoon, sack race, agility race, shot put,
hurdles and the relay race.

All of the children put in 100% effort and were
extremely supportive of all of the competitors.

Thank you to the team captains who helped organise
the day’s events and thank you to the parents and carers who were able to


International Day

On Friday 6th July, 6L spent the day
exploring their designated country, Israel.

The children researched Israel, produced some
fantastic art work based on the artist Noam Bassom and learnt an Israeli song.

Sultan said, “I really enjoyed singing the Zum Zum
song and performing it to the school.”

Ediz said,” I particularly enjoyed the art work as
it was so colourful and vibrant.”