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  Year 6 Curriculum Plan

6L’S Class Highlights

Black History Month: Harriet Tubman

During Black History Month Year 6 studied Harriet Tubman and were able to explore and research her life and her achievements. We were able to understand the impact that she had on society during the 1800’s as well as understand the effect she had on history, especially Black history. We decided to focus on her accomplishments rather than her struggles; wrote an Auto-Biography about her plan to save as many slaves as she could which resulted in her several journeys through the Underground Railway System. We then went on to write shape poems which turned out beautifully; the shapes we used were of Harriet Tubman and Africa. We really impressed our teachers with the thoughtfulness and the emotions that we showed through our writing and we managed to capture the spirit of Harriet Tubman.

Anderson Shelters

This term we have been learning about World War Two which we were able to link to the whole school Underground Topic. We learnt about how civilians kept themselves safe during aid raids and this led us to making our own Anderson Shelters. First we studied different types of air raid shelters, we then considered the strength of a variety of roofs and tested these for ourselves. Before we got started on our project we reflected on all of the safety precautions we needed to take and we made our own safety posters. After this, in pairs we used a saw to cut the wood for the frame of our shelter and then we used hot glue guns to secure it; our next step was to create the sides of our shelter and the roof. Some us of even made mini tables and bunk beds that went inside! It was fantastic to be able to link Design and Technology, History and whole school topic together and the Anderson Shelters looked brilliant!