Year 2 Curriculum Plan


2D Class highlights!


The Great Fire of London – Going underground

We have had a wonderful term in 2D! The children have really
engaged and enjoyed learning about the topic ‘The Great Fire of
London’ in both English and History. We created timelines about the Great Fire and we learnt about Samuel Pepys and his unfolding events from his diary. As part of our ‘Going Underground’ topic, 2D looked at the map of where the fire took place, and the stations nearby which were affected.  
2D were very lucky to have a History day! Children dressed up in outfits from 1666 and took part in several activities such as creating silhouettes of Great Fire of London and learning Great Fire of London songs using Makaton.

“We used orange and red tissue paper to make the fire look real!” (Katerina)

“We learnt actions and it helped us remember the songs!” (Elishua)

Christmas Jumper Day

An exciting day this term was Christmas Jumper Day! We dressed up in Christmas Jumpers and we made beautiful Nativity cards for the Christmas Card competition at our school!

“I loved drawing the scene of the Nativity!” (Nasteexo)

“I was really happy to see my Nativity card on display during assembly!” (Nelly)





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