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  Year 2 Curriculum Plan

 2D Summer
Class Highlights

Sports Day

Year 2 have had a brilliant Summer
term! 2D have really enjoyed taking part in Sports day where they had to
challenge themselves with a carousal of activities. 2D enjoyed the relay the
most and remembered to support and cheer each other! They have been learning
about the different ways to use their body to keep active. As part of our whole
school topic ‘Fit for Life’ 2D learnt an exercise routine which practiced every
day as a class. Well done 2D and remember to keep fit!

“It was so much fun and I never
gave up!” Nouara

“I wish we had Sports day every day
so we could cheer for each other all the time!” Emirhan


International Day

A memorable day 2D took part in was
International Day to learn and find out more about the countries around our
world. Every classroom represented a different country. There were many bright
colours worn around school by children. 2D chose Greece as their country for
International day and wore the colours blue and white. We were very lucky to
have the opportunity to also learn about Vietnam and Canada. We all dressed in
up in national costumes and colours and participated in activities.

“I learned the traditional Greek
dance and I am so excited to teach others!” Veer

“I love the Vietnamese hat that I
made – It will protect me from the sun!” George


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