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  Reception Curriculum Plan – Summer Term


Spring Term RP News


International Day

On International day, RP travelled all the way to Thailand! The classroom was set up for children to explore Thailand. They took part in a mediating session, created animals that live in Thailand, made and tasted yummy noodles and designed and created temples. We observed a Buddha and other religious symbols and looked at different pictures of Thailand. The children loved making Thai food in the Thai role-play area.

 “The noodles taste spicy but they’re delicious.” (Tyger)

“Meditating makes me feel calm and relaxed… it makes all my bad dreams go away.” (Lennon)

“Miss Petais, I have made you some eggy rice, that will cost £5.00 please.” (Ziven)


World Book Day

The children came into school dressed up as their favourite book character. They enjoyed listening to different stories throughout the day, especially the stories read by author Daisy Hirst, ‘Hilda and the Runaway baby’ and ‘Alphonse that is not okay to do!’ They listened carefully to the stories and responded to questions about the story. They spoke about them all afternoon and wanted to hear them again! The children re-enacted the story, ‘The day the crayons quit’, as the teachers in reception and nursery were dressed up as different colour crayons from the story.

Maya said to the author- “Thank you for reading us that lovely story.”

“I am Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, do you like my sparkly red shoes?” (Daisy)

“I love reading stories because I like to see if it’s a happy ending.” (Satya)






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