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  Reception Curriculum Plan – Summer Term


Spring Term RC News



This term we started to do PE in the hall every week. This has been very exciting! We have explored different ways of moving around the space, and practised a number of jumps and balances. We have also learnt about the effects of exercise on our bodies. 

Jonny: “We do PE so that we can get strong and muscly.”

Emilio: “We have done jumping and running and hopping and balancing.”

Elin: “My body gets warm when I jump.”

Asmin: “My heart beats faster when I run and jump.”









Gruffalo Crumble.

Our main text this term has been ‘The Gruffalo’, by Julia Donaldson. We wrote a list of ingredients we needed to make Gruffalo crumble. Then some of us went to Sainsbury’s to buy the ingredients. After that, we made and then ate Gruffalo crumble. Finally, we wrote a list of instructions so that other people could also enjoy Gruffalo crumble.

Sarah: “We mixed and chopped and measured and weighed the ingredients, before we cooked the Gruffalo crumble in the oven.”

Elena: “The Gruffalo crumble smelt nice, it tasted of berries and was yummy.”

Aidan: “The Gruffalo crumble was very delicious and juicy.”






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