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  Year 4 Curriculum Plan – Summer Term


Spring Term 4D News


International Day.

For the 24th February, Hundertwasser class became the Lubyanka building, the former head-quarters of the KGB. All who entered were sworn to secrecy and trained in the basics of Soviet-era espionage. There were lessons in profiling and tracking; ciphers, codes, and disguises; and tests of observational skills and memory.

Recruits also learnt about KGB weapons, poisons, and explosives, and were challenged with one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the Cold War: the assassination of Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident poisoned by ricin on Waterloo Bridge in 1978.

All who passed were issued with a passport and the opportunity to construct a false identity. Those who passed with special merit were given details of their first mission… Except the details were out of sequence and concealed within a briefcase.

There were messages sewn into socks and ties; messages tucked into the folds of a pocket dictionary; messages rolled within the barrel of a pen; and messages buried deep in a set of Russian dolls.

Discovered and reassembled, the mission briefing read:

Meet Agent D outside Berlin station at 06:00. 
Collect money and U.S. identity card. Cross at Checkpoint Charlie. 
In West Berlin, you’ll be met by a man in a black Ford Capri. 
He’ll drive you to France. From that point, you’ll be alone. 
Goodbye and good luck.

In total, 5 illegals were despatched. We are yet to hear from them.

Disgusting Digestion.

This term we have been studying the human digestive system. We have followed the passage of food from ingestion to excretion; studied the microscopic anatomy of our digestive organs; and have learnt about sickness and health.

In a body ‘MOT’, we investigated our own physical fitness. We measured our height and lung capacity, our temperature and heart rate, and evaluated our diet. The majority were awarded a clean bill of health, but some of us struggled to find a pulse! Perhaps there are zombies in our midst!

Next term we will be investigating acid erosion and dental caries. We plan to leave hard boiled eggs in flasks of water, milk, and orange juice; cola, tea, and coffee. Which do you think will do the greatest damage? Stay posted for results.


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