Vision and Values


Our Vision

We passionately believe in developing a life-long love of learning within an inspirational and inclusive environment. Highfield is a warm and friendly place of co-operation, equality and respect.

Our Values

To instil a love of learning by:-

  • Implementing a relevant creative curriculum designed to encourage independence and child-initiated learning
  • Providing a stimulating learning environment to encourage investigative and meaningful engagement with the learning process
  • Providing excellent teaching of both the Primary Curriculum and the development of life skills

Everyone deserves to receive a high quality education:-

  • Teaching is personalised to meet the needs and preferred learning styles of all learners
  • By believing and acting on the premise that every child matters
  • Providing appropriate resources and opportunities

We treat each other with empathy and kindness, and we are polite to each other by:-

  • Promoting a high standard of behaviour in our school community through well established policies and procedures such as our Golden Rules
  • Understanding both our rights and responsibilities at school and in the wider community
  • Raising self-esteem and self-worth through ensuring that our children reach their full potential.

Our 3 Jars

At Highfield we have 3 jars which represent 3 words that are very important to us:


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