The children in RJ have been recognising the importance of keeping fit, active and healthy. RJ have been practising how to move, travel and balance in different ways. We have also been refining our motor skills to learn how to catch and throw a ball. We have had great fun in our PE lessons playing games such as Traffic Lights, Jelly Beans and Pirate Ship.

Gabriel: “Balancing is hard but I love PE.”

Angelina: “You need to hold your hands out to catch.”

Harrajan: “Red means stop!”

In March for Sports Relief, we joined with RC and RF to perform a dance to the Superman song. A great time was had by all!


In our music lessons, we have been learning about rhythm, beat and tune. We were extremely lucky and allowed to explore a variety of different instruments such as drums, tambourines, xylophones and maracas and how a rhythm and beat can be created with these.

Imad: “My favourite instrument is the drum, it’s really loud when you hit it!”

Shanai: “It sounds like twinkling.” (In response to playing the xylophone).

Sean: “Listen Miss Johnson, I can clap to the beat.”

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