RC – Spring 2014 Highlights

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Mrs Collins took Stefan into the new building. We were both very excited! When we came back, we showed the rest of the class the photos we had taken.

Stefan: “In the new building I liked going under the table because when I went under it, it feels like I was a washing machine. I liked the Nursery and all of the classes. When I went in there, I liked the doors because it had all glass all over it.”

We celebrated Highfield School’s Centenary this year. We dressed up in old clothes and we took part in activities from 100 years ago.

Jahmari: “We were writing the abc alphabet.”

Ella: “We used chalk because that’s what they did in the olden days.”

Luca: “I enjoyed when we were writing the alphabet.”

Stanley: “ I didn’t like doing the drill practise outside because it made me really, really, really tired.”


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