Friends of Highfield

Friends of Highfield

Over the years, Highfield Primary School’s PTA (Parent Teacher Association) has organised events and raised very much needed funds for our school. With the help of the staff and parents that have generously offered their spare time, we have raised thousands of pounds which has funded a range of resources and activities. These include new netball kits, the Nelson writing scheme, a scooter park, a weather station, a class set of ukuleles, stage lighting kits and Santa’s grotto.

As a parent/Carer, how can I help?

*Become a class representative

*Become part of the Friends of Highfield

*Help with the organisation or the running of our summer fete

Class representative:

The class representative role is a voluntary role which can help you get to know parents across the whole school, it can be fun and is not too time consuming. Please note that class representatives are not to be used to help other parents express concerns about their own children.  This should continue to be done directly between the parents themselves and the teacher.

* The parent representative serves a primary role in maintaining good communication between parents, while also being a valuable resource to the teacher and the class. 

*Liaise with the parents in the class by keeping them informed of activities and events organised by the class teacher. 

* When possible, attend meetings run by the PTA to be kept informed of upcoming events and to pass on suggestions from other parents. If you work full time, please don’t let this put you off becoming a class rep. You will be emailed the minutes from our meetings if you are unable to attend.

* Encourage parents to donate resources or volunteer when requested by the class teacher or by the PTA.

* Regularly visit the Friends of Highfield link on the school website (accessed via the Parents & Carers tab) and read the monthly newsletter so that you are aware of what is happening in the school.

How to get involved:
* If you wish to put yourself forward as a class rep, please email Andre Theodorou –   Please include your full namemobile number, your child’s name and their class that you wish to represent.

* Alternatively, you may complete a slip which is available at the school office. 

Summer fete

We are very excited to announce the date of this year’s Summer Fete, Saturday 23rd June 12pm-4pm. This is an extremely popular event and one of the most important fundraisers in the school calendar.

Advertise our Fete:
You can help raise very much needed funds for our school but giving permission for Platinum Estate Agents to display a board advertising the fete in front of your home.  Please speak to your class rep or fill in a slip at the school office.

Promote your business at our Summer Fete:
Whether you are a plumber, beautician, photographer, florist, or someone who runs their own business, we would like to know if you would be happy to support your child’s school by:

*Donating a raffle prize – Hundreds of raffle tickets are purchased every year and are a great way to ensure your company name is recognised.

*Sponsoring a stall or advertising in our fete brochure – You may sponsor one of our many popular rides by giving us your company banner to display. The cost of this is £40. Companies that choose to advertise within our fete brochure can do so at a cost of £20 for half a page and £35 for a full page. Your company name will also feature on a poster at the entrance of the fete and on our Facebook page. Last year we attracted just under 1000 people at our summer fete, all of whom were offered a brochure upon arrival ensuring all the companies who featured within it received wide exposure.

Spaces are limited, please email your company name and details to and specify how you wish to be involved.

Become a volunteer:
Please give up as little as 1 hour of your time and help run a class stall at the fete. It’s down to the generosity of parents and carers volunteering that makes the fete possible.

For more information about the Friends of Highfield please visit our Facebook page

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your support.

Highfield Primary School PTA